Wildflowers of BC

Wild flowers in our part of the woods

Indian Paint Brush


  1. Indian Paint Brush comes in colours ranging from pale apricot to burgandy.
  2. Red clover useful for liver and gall bladder problems.
  3. Lupins, the wild ones are mostly blue, just about ready to bloom
  4. Shasta Daisies, white with bright yellow centres
  5. Vetch, purple
  6. Yarrow, wild ones are white
  7. Elder, blue berries are good, red are not
  8. Cattails, the flowering heads are useful as a cure for diarrhea
  9. Fireweed, bright pink flowers, can be used as a vegetable or leaves will make tea.
  10. Buttercups, the roots are edible and look like spaghetti
  11. Wild violets, blue
  12. Horsetail, have been around since prehistoric times. Early shoots are edible.
  13. Dandelion, use the root to make coffee, leaves for salad, good for liver and kidneys.