Gray Whale viewing

I found an interesting site today called Climate of our Future and it had some information about viewing the Gray whales off the Pacific Coast of North America.

I remember a trip I took with my boys to Tofino on the western side of Vancouver Island, expressly to take a guided boat tour to see the . I was quite excited, it was something I had always wanted to do. I think I anticipated it more than the kids. It was a beautiful day and there was a gentle swell on the water.

The gentle swell became more of a swell, and then a little more so. No one seemed to mind except me, and my stomach. I started to feel really sick and by the time the whales were spotted I was hanging over the side of the boat while crew members laughed at my discomfort.

The culminating moment of the trip was when a large whale appeared right below me and I acknowledged his presence by barfing over its back. My kids thought that was funny. Still, I was glad I saw the whales. That particular whale might have thought differently.

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