Meteorologists, politicians and poverty

We were assured on the Monday evening weather report that we would have light rain overnight, with possibly some cloudy skies on Tuesday morning, clearing to sunshine. We had 23cm or about 9 inches of snow, solid gray skies all day and ice pellets last night for about an hour. Admittedly today it is gloriously sunny, but again this morning they said only the southern half of BC would see sunshine, we were destined for heavy cloud and possibly strong winds. I think weather reporting has to be a very inexact science. Last year almost to the day we were told we would have light rain overnight and we woke up to 92cm or 3ft of snow.

Meteorologist are like the politicians, who make sunny promises, fail to bring them to pass and then give themselves a raise as a reward. Can you believe our Premier in BC had the gall to propose giving himself a 54% raise when there are people living on streets, people earning as little as $8 an hour in our province. Although I must say this government has done some good things for this province, the inequity of it all astounds me.

As any business person knows, if they did not do the job as promised they wouldn’t get paid. In good conscience I could not take such a lot of money and not consider my fellow man. As it is, I have trouble planning to spend money for a satellite dish, so I can play on the internet, when there are people who are going without the basics of life. I recently received the World Vision Gift Catalogue where one can purchase some chickens, goats or even a cow, seeds or the starts of a fish farm for families in needy countries. This gives them a start in a new venture, plus the training on how to go about it. All this, that for us in North America, is very little money to invest in people in impoverished countries. It makes such a difference to them and for many gives them a start in small business.

I encourage you to make your own sunshine and bring some of it to a destitute person, or family this year. That is the real sunshine in life isn’t it? Regardless that the politicians may be feathering their nests, they like the meteorologists offer empty promises but we ordinary folk can give something that will truly make a difference in the world, one good deed at a time.