Consensus on Stumbling your own posts

Some good points came out of this post, that I think are worth consideration. Most liked the idea but I would also give the caution which Danielle brought up.

“if you stumble your own posts too much Stumble Upon catches on and frowns on that.”

Onedia’s idea I think is the best,

“Well, we can always just stumble each others posts when we find one worth commenting on and that takes care of that!”

Mayhem who used to do this practice but no longer does it as he felt it was not worth it.

“Though it did generate some huge numbers to my blog, that’s all it would do, just huge spikes in my analytics with nothing to gain from it.”

Chris Hoskin

“Is it not an odd practice to do this to your own posts?”

I agree with Chris and I would not have done it except I saw it mentioned on several of the blogs that I read about improving your blog in all ways including getting more readers. I think it would be counter productive to add all and every post you write, let’s face it some of them are not worth it, and that probably borders on spamming.

So for my new year’s resolution if I visit your blog and I think it is worth commenting, more than just “I popped in to say Hi,” then I will take the time to Stumble it for you. I hope you do the same for me. Maybe this will cause us all to apply ourselves a bit more to the craft of writing, what do you think?

I will stumble the odd post of my own if it is something I really want seen. For example I stumbled my post “Christmas Depression”. Although I found a few comments from my usual readers I received several e-mails from those experiencing this problem. I made it my business to take time on Christmas Day to check my e-mail and answer them. Some of those people had nothing else to do on Christmas but check out Stumbleupon so in that case I think it was worth Stumbling my own post.

How to Stumble your own posts

I recently mentioned that I had had a lot of traffic from Stumbleupon. I had not used it much until I read on one of the techy type blogs that I like to read that they had had a huge increase in readers when they started stumbling their own posts. It is quite easy to do.


1. Join Stumbleupon and download the toolbar

2. Basically when you clicks on a webpage you can choose the thumbs up symbol and write a review if you wish.

3. Have the post that you want to Stumble on screen. Make sure you have its full web address in your address bar not but . If you have difficulty getting the address it is because your post on screen is the last one that you did, so just click on a previous post, you will see it in the address bar, then click back on the latest post and it will show up in your address bar.

4. You will be advised that you have stumbled on something new to their directory and you would have to categorize it and that is all there is.

I don’t Stumble every post because some posts are just chatty aren’t they, but when I think I have something that I might stop at and read while Stumbling around the Internet I do Stumble it.

Since I have been doing it my viewers have greatly increased, of course many have just clicked on, but one or two have lingered and the odd person has stopped to comment also. So it is a new source of readers, and I imagine if you are thinking of monetizing this will have an effect on your ranking, if that is a factor any more, I am not sure about that.

Stumbleupon is quite a neat tool anyway and may help blogger’s block if you came across something worth while sharing.