Road kill for supper

Well, not actually for tonight’s supper. We got a call about 10 this morning from the local police department. A young moose had been killed just outside the village, about ten minutes previously, did we want it.  My husband had put his name down on the village road kill list three years ago and was waiting for such an event as this, and now it was his turn.

My husband, Grizzly Dave aka as The Axeman, jumped into the truck, throwing saws, etc in the back and off he went. I have a strong understanding of the roles of male and female when these things happen. This is man’s work in my book.

He has just pulled into the carport and showed me his treasures. Four large legs, he figures about 350 lb of meat. He is skinning it now and will hang it high in the wood shed for a few days.

Luckily the bears are asleep, but the foxes, wolves and coyotes could be around if they get wind of it. He has just given Annie the dog, a piece of a leg, and she is in doggy heaven, happily gnawing at it in the driveway. Why would he do that, why not at the rear of the property? The place will look like a slaughter house by the time he has finished!

  “I will can that up for Annie”, I suggested.

“There are some fine roasts in that lot”, he answered incredulously, “She’s not getting all that”.

That remains to be seen, doesn’t it!

Good reason to be wary of bears

Another attack by this year. We have heard of moose attacking people, bears and cougars. We are invading their territory, what do we expect really. The moose had a very hard winter as the snow was so deep they could not escape predators easily and it was hard going through the snow. We had 14 1/2 feet, although by spring it had packed down considerably.

Last year the Saskatoon or Service berries were few and the bears need these to keep them going until the big feed of salmon in the fall, preparatory to hibernating. On top of that the salmon were late running because it did not rain and fill the rivers ready to receive the spawning fish. This year we have had so much rain that the berries, although promising in spring to be a great harvest, are late in ripening. All this makes for short tempered bears.

Our mother and two cubs are still around. We saw a baby bear half way up a telephone pole yesterday by the side of the highway. The other one and its mother just looked at us and kept on feeding on the fresh grass. We also saw a baby coyote playing with a grasshopper, it was not concerned as we drove by. Where its parents and siblings were I could not see, further on we stopped to check out the beaver dam as we went by but although there is quite a little lake there now there seemed to be little activity so maybe it moved on.

We are seeing the occasional coming into his antlers now but most of them have moved up into higher country and they will clear the area completely when the hunters come. They have the hunting season dates firmly set in their genetic code, I think, it is amazing that open season comes and not a moose for miles.

Mountain biker killed in bear attack
Bear shot near body of woman on Panorama Ski Resort trail
Last Updated: Monday, July 23, 2007 | 8:35 AM PT
CBC News

Conservation officers believe a woman found dead on Sunday on a ski hill in eastern , was killed by a bear.

The RCMP shot a black bear found next to the 34-year-old woman’s body on a trail near the Panorama Ski Resort close to the Alberta-B.C. boundary.

The mountain biker was reported missing on Saturday night.

Also Sunday, two cyclists escaped with minor injuries after being charged by a grizzly bear protecting her cubs in Banff National Park.

The riders noticed the cubs on the trail near Lake Minnewanka, but before they could react, the mother bear gave chase, but didn’t make contact with the cyclists.

Banff National Park staff have closed down the trail.

Banff conservation officer Dave Hanna said there haven’t been many problems with bears this year because the berries haven’t come out yet.