Trip to Disney World – October 1, 1989

Walt Disney World opened in Orlando, Florida on October 1, 1971

In the fall of 1989 we set out on a trip to Disney World, my ex-husband, myself and our three boys. We caught a bus which drove us to Seattle, where we boarded the Amtrack which took us across the continent to Chicago and then down to Florida. It took three full days. We were on a budget and could not afford a sleeper cabin so we slept in the seats we were assigned and lived on sandwiches and junk food. We did have one meal a day in the restaurant which I think was a high point for at least one of my boys. The server was quite a comedian and kept the kids laughing the whole meal.

We stayed about 6 days in Orlando and visited everything we could, and then hopped back on the Amtrack which took us across to the West Coast and back to Seattle, where we caught a bus back to Canada. I heard about 10 days later that the Amtrack train on the Florida portion of the route had fallen off the track into an alligator infested swamp. I was very grateful we had got safely home.

My oldest boy was 12 at the time and he really did not want to come, and he slept poorly on the trip but once we were there he enjoyed himself. He was much more aware of his father’s crazy schemes, absolute lack of common sense and had experienced traveling with him before and it had frightened him.

We really could not afford this trip, but my husband at the time had asked my youngest(8yrs) what he really would like to do, and he said he would like to go to Disney World. So we had to move mountains to do so and got in considerable debt as well. Once my ex-husband got an idea in his head nothing could change his mind and any efforts on my part to make him see reason was considered a rank act of disloyalty.

He had three T-shirts made, one for each son with the names Huey, Duey and Louie emblazoned on the front. That was not their names, but he insisted that they wear them while at Disney land. I remember one lady exclaiming that surely we had not named our children after the ducks.

Of course when we received our Master Card and Visa bill a month later, my husband did not want to deal with them, and it was me who had to try and pay them off, he liked to have all the say about the spending and none of the responsibility about paying for it.

However I hope the trip is a good memory for my boys.