How could you lose a dinosaur?

I know my cupboards could use straightening out and my husband often mentions that they look a bit disorganized but I figure if I can find what I need and no one else, other than my husband, should be looking in my cupboards anyway, all is well. I am sure I wouldn’t have lost something as big as the Canada’s Royal Ontario Museum did. The massive skeleton of a Barosaurus had been lost for decades – in the museums own collection.

The 25 metre (85 foot) long Barosaurus, the largest dinosaur ever to go on permanent display in Canada, is part of a new exhibit which will open to the public tomorrow.


Canadian museum unveils long, long-lost dinosaur| Canada | Reuters

Talking about cupboards, a blogging friend Claire of A Little Piece of Me calls her dear Mum ‘cupboard monster’ I don’t really know why. Claire’s Mum is having some real medical challenges, and of course this impacts Claire as the caregiver. Claire is a delightful upbeat person and I am sure her positive attitude and naughty sense of humour is just the tonic the Mom in her cupboard needs. Pop over and see Claire and give her some blogging love.