Flock is definitely worth a look

A new blogging friend Mrs. Miles suggested I take a look at the Flock browser and I have been comparing it to the main three browsers on the market and it did quite well.

I loaded two browsers at a time one was Flock and either IE7, Firefox or Opera. I then did searches on things that I had not searched for before in order not to give the browsers I use often an edge.

Flock did very well on the whole. It is significantly faster than IE7, somewhat faster than Firefox, and Opera might be a shade faster on some sites but not others. I don’t like their home page much, although I am getting used to it, but since I have all my stuff on Google that didn’t matter anyway.

I find Gmail has been quite slow lately, Google is having problems with it. I find it takes ages to load in Firefox, it loads alright in IE7, although currently a bit slower than usual, but in Flock it loaded correctly and fast. Opera while as fast or a trifle faster than Flock doesn’t load Gmail properly, leaving all the messages in a heap at the side, whereas Flock loads just fine.

It will import your favourites, including cookies and passwords, from IE or Firefox easily and it offers tabbed browsing.

You can blog directly from Flock importing pictures, videos etc., by right clicking your mouse and selecting ‘Blog this’ it will be brought right into Flock’s blogging editor. I have drafted a couple of posts using Flock’s editor and it is quite easy to do. Live Writer is nicer to look at and maybe offers a little more, especially in image management, but Flock’s blogging editor is more than adequate. However Flock does offer a unique way of uploading pictures from your computer, you just drag your picture into their uploader and go from there and it is quite fast.

If you are a social networking fan you will like this browser as it interacts with many of the popular sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, etc.

However on the negative side it does not do Feeds well, at least I don’t think so. It does not want to import feeds from Google Reader into its browser feed section, although it says it does, but will not read the .xml file which is what you get when you export your feeds. This means typing in each feed you want to read. I think I would stick with Google Reader which you can still read from your iGoogle page loaded in Flock or go to Reader directly from inside Flock. None of them seem to allow commenting directly from the Reader, which would be a real time saver.

Flock even allows you to import Firefox extensions, as Flock is written in the same type of code as Firefox. On checking I read that you will have to try importing an extension as some work some don’t. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

So Flock is definitely worth a try, the positive outweigh any negatives, I probably will use it full time.

I expect there are other goodies hidden in there but I really must go do something else.