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Bear phobia

If you were at my house this morning you might have heard slightly raised voices. A very rare thing indeed in our little home.

It all started last night. As I lay in bed listening to the window panes rattle in accompaniment to his snores, I started to worry about the bears this summer. As I said yesterday I had been planting my seeds in containers to put in the garden later, so I was worrying about working out there this summer. As many of you know I have had a few ‘bear incidents’ and have developed a fear of them, probably I have built it out of all proportion but nevertheless the fear is there. I won’t even take Annie the dog for a walk as the locals say a dog is more dangerous around an angry bear as the dog will run back to you with the bear after them.

So this is how the conversation started this morning

“Will you be gone much this summer as you were last summer?’ says I

“How do you mean”, says he

“Since S. moved up here you have been gone all day six days a week, either working with him, fishing or running about and I am concerned about working in the garden when the bears are around.” (S. is his best friend they have known each other over 55 years, I am used to being alone and don’t mind generally.)

“Oh the bears aren’t going to hurt you, you are being silly” he exclaims “and you are starting to make me feel guilty that we moved up here, you know I came up to fish, and now you want me to give that up”

“I don’t mind you fishing, I encourage you and Sal to go out, you know that I just want you around when I am in the garden maybe I will have to do it in the evening and don’t read things into what I am saying”. I said heatedly and got up to go and have a shower.

So for the rest of the morning we were studiously polite and then I decided to drive into town by myself just because it was a nice day and I wanted to get out.

So now it all seems to have blown over and he is back to teasing me but unfortunately my fear of the bears has not gone away. I suppose it is irrational. What can he do if a bear shows up more than I can, except I am 5′ 3″ and a little plump and probably tasty, and he is 6′ 2″ and tough with a deep voice to yell at the bear. Which one would you chase?

All these stories that I have written of my bear experiences have enabled my phobia, also our village does have a bear problem and several have to be shot each year unfortunately. I don’t know what to do about my fear but I guess it is my problem and I have to learn to deal with it.

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Road kill for supper

Well, not actually for tonight’s supper. We got a call about 10 this morning from the local police department. A young moose had been killed just outside the village, about ten minutes previously, did we want it.  My husband had put his name down on the village road kill list three years ago and was waiting for such an event as this, and now it was his turn.

My husband, Grizzly Dave aka as The Axeman, jumped into the truck, throwing saws, etc in the back and off he went. I have a strong understanding of the roles of male and female when these things happen. This is man’s work in my book.

He has just pulled into the carport and showed me his treasures. Four large legs, he figures about 350 lb of meat. He is skinning it now and will hang it high in the wood shed for a few days.

Luckily the bears are asleep, but the foxes, wolves and coyotes could be around if they get wind of it. He has just given Annie the dog, a piece of a leg, and she is in doggy heaven, happily gnawing at it in the driveway. Why would he do that, why not at the rear of the property? The place will look like a slaughter house by the time he has finished!

  “I will can that up for Annie”, I suggested.

“There are some fine roasts in that lot”, he answered incredulously, “She’s not getting all that”.

That remains to be seen, doesn’t it!

Boy did we ever mess up

I was reading this from The Message Bible, we certainly blew this one didn’t we.


BibleGateway.com – Passage Lookup: Genesis 1; via kwout

There are so many ways that we human beings have failed to do this.

Fish in the sea What about the fish in the sea?

  • Wild salmon are being threatened by our fish farming practices – Canada
  • Sturgeon endangered, the flow of their breeding river was altered – Canada

birds in the airWhat about the birds in the air?

  • Spotted Owl is disappearing from our forest because of logging – Canada
  • Robins are being poisoned by pesticides – Canada

EarthWhat about the earth itself?

animalsWhat about every animal that moves on the face of the Earth?

Heads or Tails – Something in the water

Skittles started a meme every Tuesday called Heads or Tails, basically she provides a word and we can interpret it however we like. This week it is Something in the sky or in the water. I choose water.

I live beside a huge lake, the picture of which is in my header and in that lake there is believed to be a monster. Locals called it Babelina, although we don’t know its sex, or in fact what it is, but divers have seen a huge shadow overhead when they were doing some repairs to the bubble line.

A bubble line is a tube that allows bubbles to come to the service preventing ice to form directly above. In a lake that can freeze several feet deep it is necessary to keep one section open so that the ferry can take logging trucks back and forth in the winter.


Probably the shadow they saw was a land locked sturgeon. The oldest recorded sturgeon was 154 years old. The white sturgeon can grow 20ft long and weigh more that 1,500 pounds. It is possible some sturgeon many centuries ago made their way up river and due to a landslide or some other reason could not leave the lake, so stayed and bred.

Sturgeons are a very unique fish, there are about 27 species world-wide, that look like they belong to the age of dinosaurs than in today’s world. In fact they did co-exist with dinosaurs and have changed little since that time. They are harmless to humans, but nevertheless I don’t think I would like to get too close.

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Camouflage is failing due to global warming

A common trait of many of the animals of the Arctic is the color white. Rabbits and baby seals are white so that predators cannot see them hiding in the snow. Polar bears and foxes are white so that the rabbits and baby seals can’t see them coming toward them in the snow.

However according to a documentary I saw a couple of days ago, that is changing. The documentary specifically mentioned the Arctic Rabbit which scientists are discovering is still changing its color around the time it has always done, but the ground is not yet covered with snow. This is making them easy prey as they stand out clearly against the green and brown tundra.

The fact that the snow is not returning at the usual time is going to affect all the animals who live in the Arctic and other northern regions, whether predator or prey. Global warming is coming too fast for them to adapt.

A rare few may even leave the Arctic to search for prey elsewhere. A polar bear has been documented as leaving its home near the Arctic Sea and has been seen hiking south. I wonder if she could be called a Snow Bird, as many Canadians are labeled who go south for the winter. I can’t say that blame her, can you?

Wandering Polar Bear heads south again

Tree frogs inspire super glue

Inspired by the toe pads of tree frogs and crickets, researchers in India have created a form of sticky coating that is both strong and reusable.

Sticky tape gets contaminated with dust and you only use it once or twice. But lizards and toads use their toes all the time. They don’t get contaminated and they create very strong adhesion.

Toe pads have patterns on the surface, it’s not a smooth layer. Underneath these patterns, there are fluid vessels, glands and blood vessels. Scientists have added tiny fluid vessels in their model adhesive and found they increased adhesion by 30 times. The hope is that this technology can be used on stickers for utensils and food so that they may be peeled off cleanly, and on other adhesive devices that are meant to be reused. Reuters UK

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