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On the right hand side of this page you can see the feed for my other blog. Please pop over and visit me. I have moved my domain name over and can be found on my own domain www.caribooponderer.com

There are some interesting posts on this site you might enjoy, check the tags on the bottom right or the catergories on the left.

If your feed is still caribooponderer.wordpress.com you will need to update it. I can be found at http://www.caribooponderer.com or caribooponderer.blogspot.com both those addresses will take you to the same place.

Hope to see you at the other place. Vic

Finished messing about with domains

This blogs address has changed back to caribooponderer.wordpress.com that is because I have had the domain name pointed at the blogspot address. So regardless I will be found at www.caribooponderer.com or caribooponderer.com and at caribooponderer.blogspot.com. I will still write the occasional post here but it will usually be on something that will give me a reason to  link back to the Blogger blog,

I hope that is going to improve the ranking of the blog. Anyway I think everyone should be able to find me.

You will see a link on the top right side of this page to the blog where I am writing most of the time. Originally I was going to keep them separate but it is hard coming up with something for two blogs and there was no point really. Yes there will be some paid posts on the blog but I usually try and write something from my life experience anyway with a link to an ad or two hidden in there. I don’t want to write ads just for the sake of it.

So if you have found your way here just click on the first post topic under “My other blog” and you will be there in a jiffy or on either of the two links above.

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Check where I will be staying next winter

I found a place to stay, in budget, cute and clean and will take Annie the dog. Read about it on my other blog.

Moms blogging from home rule

Here is a really encouraging article I found at Problogger about women blogging from home. Keep it up ladies it is going to pay off.

Five Reasonswhy Mom blogs are the Blogs to Watch

Excerpts from Mom Blogs is by Michelle Mitchell from Scribbit.

1. Moms can blog at home

You don’t need a PhD, an office or a small business loan to start up a blog and this especially appeals to mothers who are looking for ways to bring in extra income while they’re at home with their children.

2. Moms need the sociality of the net

IWomen need to read about other moms’ struggles and disasters–it’s how we feel that maybe our own traumas aren’t so bad–and there are more and more moms daily that are discovering how the world of mom blogs helps them feel connected to other women…

3. Moms have a wealth of material to use

Tech blogs are just about technology, celebrity blogs are strictly about celebs but a mom blog could focus on parenting, protecting the environment, politics, crafts, food, homeschooling, gardening, household products, design, travel or just funny stories…

4. Moms are record keepers

Blog means “web-log” and most blogs are started as online journals. Moms naturally tend to be the record keepers for their families whether it’s a newsletter, scrapbook or photo album and more and more women are turning to blogs as an easy way to keep their family’s diary…

5. Mom blogs wield economic power

You’ve heard “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”? Well she who does the shopping then blogs about it rules the net.

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Future Snowbird needs destination ideas

We have decided enough is enough. We still have 2 foot of snow outside and the lake is still a solid sheet of ice. Although the sun is shining the wind is howling and you still need a heavy coat to go out. I crave the sight of green and flowers. I saw a dandelion today nestled in a sunny snow cleared spot and went into transports of delight, and a few crocus pushing up out of the ground caused my heart to beat a little faster. Spring is coming, sometime, somewhere.

As some of you know we are counting our pennies to visit Mexico next winter for 6 weeks. We are thinking of driving down so we can check out possible destinations in the States to go in winter, where we can bring the dog and hide out from the worst of our Canadian weather. Unfortunately we do not have a great deal of money so we have to think inexpensively. I don’t know how long we could actually stay away, but the worst of the winter is January, February and early March and it would be wonderful if we could shut up the place and go somewhere else.

I know we chose to live up here, but that was because we could afford to buy a place outright and get rid of debts as we did not want to try and live on a pension with these things, and this we have achieved. Bad winter weather though is Canada’s lot, it doesn’t really matter where you go. The lower mainland is wet and windy all winter and the rest of the country is under snow and ice.

So if anyone has any suggestions as to where would be a good place I would welcome it in the meantime I will keep visiting Carver’s Site because of the wonderful photos she has on her blog that do my heart good.