Getting behind with my blogging friends

I am getting a bit behind with blogging, with running two now and having a host of lovely people to respond to, plus writing advertisements I have got a long to do list. Right now I am starting to put plants out and we are meant to have a lovely few days of weather so I have got to get to it. I will get around to everyone who has left a comment plus visiting as soon as I can. That is on both blogs.

Slowly I am moving back to Blogger as one can do so much more on it that you can’t on WordPress.  I had a company contact me yesterday wanting to pay me $40 if I would put a text link on my blog so that is easy money and I can’t do that sort of thing on unless I host my own blog and I have decided I don’t want the bother, or at least not at this time.   So far I have found Blogvertize the most lucrative of the pay for blogging companies. I have earned about $120 in three weeks. Over a year that adds up to $1440 if it keeps up, that is a lot towards a holiday. If my PR goes up maybe they will offer me more per post.  I don’t seem to get much elsewhere, but I am working hard on raising the PR on my blogger blog. I am mostly visiting from there now so I hope people will start moving their links for me over to that address. I have called it Cariboo Ponderer’s Mexican Pot of Gold however the name might have to change as Mexico seems to have fallen by the wayside. I am currently trying to find somewhere we can afford that is warm in winter. It is not as easy as it sounds. 

The only thing about WordPress I prefer really to Blogger is the easiness of responding to folk. Blogger is a bit clumsy I think, unless I am doing it wrong. I have comments sent to my gmail and respond from there, which takes me to their profile and then if they have more than one blog I have to hunt around for the right place to leave a comment. WordPress had a person’s email and blog link together with the comment so it was much easier and quicker.

Anyway the sun is out and it is a balmy 12C or about 53F and that is Spring here so I have to go outside and enjoy it.

Relationships are hard work

I have spent days looking for a place in Mexico with two bedrooms and baths so hubby and I, plus our friend, can go to Mexico next winter, and so has our friend S.  My husband has left it up to us as he does not use computers and during this search our personality differences started to show. 

I was trying to fit everything to the budget I had put on it and checking every detail and S. was saying “Let’s just go and don’t worry about the cost”, which I find irresponsible . I wanted to find out about medical insurance, visas etc. I am a detail person and like to hash everything out, I worry anything like a pit bull until I am satisfied. S. on the other hand is devil may care, let the chips fall as they may, which may be fine if we were 21 but I am 61 and they are both 70, I think the time has come when we need to show a little caution. Fine thing to have a heart attack in Mexico with no medical insurance.

Last night we eventually ticked each other off enough that he said he wouldn’t go with anyone so nit picky about money as I am and I don’t want to go with someone who has no regard for finances at all. So my poor hubby said he did not want to be in the middle keeping the peace. So we are going to make our own plans. Whether hubby and I will end up in Mexico next winter I don’t know, I am still looking, but I am also entertaining renting something in the southern states, like Arizona, Texas or New Mexico. Anywhere warm in winter can still be my Mexican Pot of Gold even if it isn’t in Mexico.

So currently the relationship between me and S. are strained, fortunately he lives in the village and I do not have to see him until this has blown over. Hubby is handling it well, he is very diplomatic. He says he has to be, around two strong personalities like we are. I am not sure if I should consider that as a complement or not.

Bear prepared for gardening

The temperature was quite tempwarm today and the wind had finally dropped and I was able to go out without a coat. You can just make out from the picture it is 15C (60F).

I bought a bear banger yesterday, it makes a terrific bang and the bears clear out fast so I am told. I don’t know who is going to be more afraid of it, them or I.

This one is ready and loaded. I took it outside with me today while I inspected my rapidly appearing garden. I also had my radio blasting out of the window.


I thought Country and Western was a good choice at first but on reflection thought that maybe Canadian bears might like that type of music so I put on a CD, Beethoven’s 5th. I thought that might be more intimidating.LOL


It was amazing to see the crocus that had pushed up, almost as if they nudged the snow aside to get to the sun. So lovely to see.


I have been growing a lot of plants to put out at the end of May. They have been doing really well. In fact I think they may take over before May 24 or Victoria Day weekend, which is the usual day up here to put plants out.

Don’t know what I can do and what I shouldn’t

All of a sudden I am being asked if I want to write paid posts. I have been contacted by Blogvertize, Smorty, Blogitive and Sponsored Reviews, and Loud Launch. I assume it is because I submitted my old blog in October and then my page rank dropped to 0 when Google changed its page ranking system, and I did not hear from them again. Now the page rank on that blog, despite not working it, has gone up to Google Page Rank 3 and these advertisers are picking it up.

I have already done two posts for Blogvertize, a half hours work for $20.00 and two for Smorty for $13.80 which is a good beginning, but I am scared to foul things up by accepting more jobs from other advertisers. What affects the magic Google Page Rank which enables me to get the opportunities in the first place. Sponsored Reviews and Loud Launch are offering me a jobs for $15 each but will that mean Google won’t like it and I lose my Page Rank and my chance to make some change or not. Anyone have some guidelines in the blog monetizing business.

I would really like to pursue this now as our pension is likely to be cut this year by about $500 a month, which does not mean we will starve, but it will affect the bottom line a bit. Our friend S. knows of one person who blogs for a living and makes enough to work from home. I don’t have aspirations to do that, I don’t want to be in front of the computer full time, I am retired,  but I would like to contribute to our funds in a way I can and actually enjoy doing it. My husband is out today fixing someone’s house and doing odd jobs in the village and bolstering our pension and I feel I would like to contribute my bit.

So any tips would be appreciated.

My Mexican Pot of Gold blog

I have never deleted the blog that I had at Blogger. I had template problems and it would not load properly so I moved to Worpress a few months ago, and I am quite happy here. However I renamed the other blog My Mexican Pot of Gold changed the template and it is working fine again.

The idea was to use that blog to make some money for the Mexico trip. Than Google did its thing and I lost rating and opportunities died right out. Just this week the blog has skyrocketed to a page rank of 3 and Blogvertize and Smorty have been offering me jobs at $10 a pop. So I am going to work at that blog to get it out of the doldrums and earning some cash, or at least until Google does something else stupid.

If you are so inclined please add the link to the Blogger blog on your blogroll it will give me a boost next time Google does the page rankings and that would probably get me some better opportunities. I will be posting different stuff on there although there will be a little crossover I expect. I am not asking you to add it to all the blogs you visit, although that would be nice, just to add it to your blogrolls.

If you would like to do this please let me know and I will put your name on this blogroll, if I don’t have it on already, and start up a blogroll on My Mexican Pot of Gold blog so there will be some link exchange.

If you don’t want to that is fine too, I will still visit you and I will be still be posting to this one.

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Sunday Scribblings – Compose

Sunday Scribblings, is a writing prompt meme. This week the writing prompt is Compose.

Forty-eight years ago when I was in the Fourth Form in my boarding school in England, our teacher, Miss Lynton-Boggle, her real name, nicknamed Armadillo-Bogey by us rotten kids, gave us a rather unfortunate choice for our homework assignment. Compose an essay called “My teacher”.

One of the older girls in the class, Anna, approached me about writing her composition and I was flattered and a little stupid in that I happily put all her suggestions into correctly spelled and grammatically correct English. However the content was not very kind, we slammed that poor teacher and every flaw was described in vivid detail. Even now I think the teacher a bit stupid in giving a bunch of thirteen year old girls such a topic.

There were reprisals of course, Anna was expelled. It was thought I had been easily led on by her so I escaped expulsion but I was punished in a uniquely  English way. I was ‘sent to Coventry’, which means no one was allowed to speak to me or have anything to do with me for the remainder of term. I had to leave my dormitory and sleep in the attic by myself for the duration. For some it would have been a dreadful punishment, but for me, a loner, it hardly bothered me at all, especially as there were lots of books kept up in the attic.

What was the greater punishment was seeing Miss Lynton-Boggle cry.

Future Snowbird needs destination ideas

We have decided enough is enough. We still have 2 foot of snow outside and the lake is still a solid sheet of ice. Although the sun is shining the wind is howling and you still need a heavy coat to go out. I crave the sight of green and flowers. I saw a dandelion today nestled in a sunny snow cleared spot and went into transports of delight, and a few crocus pushing up out of the ground caused my heart to beat a little faster. Spring is coming, sometime, somewhere.

As some of you know we are counting our pennies to visit Mexico next winter for 6 weeks. We are thinking of driving down so we can check out possible destinations in the States to go in winter, where we can bring the dog and hide out from the worst of our Canadian weather. Unfortunately we do not have a great deal of money so we have to think inexpensively. I don’t know how long we could actually stay away, but the worst of the winter is January, February and early March and it would be wonderful if we could shut up the place and go somewhere else.

I know we chose to live up here, but that was because we could afford to buy a place outright and get rid of debts as we did not want to try and live on a pension with these things, and this we have achieved. Bad winter weather though is Canada’s lot, it doesn’t really matter where you go. The lower mainland is wet and windy all winter and the rest of the country is under snow and ice.

So if anyone has any suggestions as to where would be a good place I would welcome it in the meantime I will keep visiting Carver’s Site because of the wonderful photos she has on her blog that do my heart good.