Getting behind with my blogging friends

I am getting a bit behind with blogging, with running two now and having a host of lovely people to respond to, plus writing advertisements I have got a long to do list. Right now I am starting to put plants out and we are meant to have a lovely few days of weather so I have got to get to it. I will get around to everyone who has left a comment plus visiting as soon as I can. That is on both blogs.

Slowly I am moving back to Blogger as one can do so much more on it that you can’t on WordPress.  I had a company contact me yesterday wanting to pay me $40 if I would put a text link on my blog so that is easy money and I can’t do that sort of thing on unless I host my own blog and I have decided I don’t want the bother, or at least not at this time.   So far I have found Blogvertize the most lucrative of the pay for blogging companies. I have earned about $120 in three weeks. Over a year that adds up to $1440 if it keeps up, that is a lot towards a holiday. If my PR goes up maybe they will offer me more per post.  I don’t seem to get much elsewhere, but I am working hard on raising the PR on my blogger blog. I am mostly visiting from there now so I hope people will start moving their links for me over to that address. I have called it Cariboo Ponderer’s Mexican Pot of Gold however the name might have to change as Mexico seems to have fallen by the wayside. I am currently trying to find somewhere we can afford that is warm in winter. It is not as easy as it sounds. 

The only thing about WordPress I prefer really to Blogger is the easiness of responding to folk. Blogger is a bit clumsy I think, unless I am doing it wrong. I have comments sent to my gmail and respond from there, which takes me to their profile and then if they have more than one blog I have to hunt around for the right place to leave a comment. WordPress had a person’s email and blog link together with the comment so it was much easier and quicker.

Anyway the sun is out and it is a balmy 12C or about 53F and that is Spring here so I have to go outside and enjoy it.

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  1. Blogger doesn’t work half the time either. I want a blog host that will actually be working when I want it to work, not the other way around.

  2. I’ve never had any trouble with blogger, either with comments or other. Sometimes it is slow adding pictures. Maybe I’m not trying to do as much as you are?!

  3. I had the weirdest problem with blogger today. There was 34 repeat comment. That was a pain in the butt to delete them.

  4. I know diddly squat about WordPress and not very much really about Blogger either for that matter. I just try to muddle through with the smattering I have learned thus far.
    My page rank on my blog is now back up to a 3 and I haven’t done but I think one ppp since just before Christmas. I did do a few of those survey things but they take FOREVER till you acquire enough to get paid for them at all. Haven’t had any offers from Blogvertize in probably 4, maybe 5 months now; same with Smorty but I got ticked off with them and didn’t respond to some of their opps either.
    What’s funny here with your blog though is that just last week, I dropped your Blogger blog off my reader! No big deal to put it back up there again though.
    Keep working on the southern place to live during the winter months though. Something is bound to turn up!

  5. In the fifteen months I have been blogging I’ve had very little to complain about blogger. A few lost images but I just upload them again. Answer you comments from your blog and go via your blogroll if they are regulars. Open two tabs with your comment section in one, your blog in the other and click from the blogroll on your blog.

  6. I just resubscribed to your old site. Good for you with increasing your income through blogging!! You have worked long and hard at not only doing it but figuring out what works best for you!!

  7. I always feel behind! Blogging and friends are important, but then real life gets in the way – like your warmer weather and plants that need planted.

    I’ve never had a problem with Blogger. I’m still thinking you might benefit from moving this domain to your Blogger blog. The higher PR could help you get some better opps and make more money for that warmer place for your winters.

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