Relationships are hard work

I have spent days looking for a place in Mexico with two bedrooms and baths so hubby and I, plus our friend, can go to Mexico next winter, and so has our friend S.  My husband has left it up to us as he does not use computers and during this search our personality differences started to show. 

I was trying to fit everything to the budget I had put on it and checking every detail and S. was saying “Let’s just go and don’t worry about the cost”, which I find irresponsible . I wanted to find out about medical insurance, visas etc. I am a detail person and like to hash everything out, I worry anything like a pit bull until I am satisfied. S. on the other hand is devil may care, let the chips fall as they may, which may be fine if we were 21 but I am 61 and they are both 70, I think the time has come when we need to show a little caution. Fine thing to have a heart attack in Mexico with no medical insurance.

Last night we eventually ticked each other off enough that he said he wouldn’t go with anyone so nit picky about money as I am and I don’t want to go with someone who has no regard for finances at all. So my poor hubby said he did not want to be in the middle keeping the peace. So we are going to make our own plans. Whether hubby and I will end up in Mexico next winter I don’t know, I am still looking, but I am also entertaining renting something in the southern states, like Arizona, Texas or New Mexico. Anywhere warm in winter can still be my Mexican Pot of Gold even if it isn’t in Mexico.

So currently the relationship between me and S. are strained, fortunately he lives in the village and I do not have to see him until this has blown over. Hubby is handling it well, he is very diplomatic. He says he has to be, around two strong personalities like we are. I am not sure if I should consider that as a complement or not.

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  1. I am on your site. I think, that such thing should be planed and well prepared. Even if I am only 21 🙂 I like to have the things prepared and not left on luck. I think, that his behaviour is irresponsible too..

  2. Hubby meant it as a compliment, with a subtle hint. 😀

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. It seems odd to me that someone at that age should be so casual about such things as medical insurance, but perhaps it is all for the best that you find out about differing attitudes before rather than during the vacation. Who knows how hospital care is in Mexico? What if something serious enough warranted being airlifted to the USA? Think of the astronomical cost! Plan your vacation for you and hubby and keep us posted as to where you finally decide to go.

    (I have been sick, so have not commented in ages… but I’m back in the swing of things!)

  4. This is how people are. You are smart to care about the costs and insurance. It’s not really that they don’t care, it’s that they don’t want to do the research. They want it easy. How do I know? Because I would very much be the others. However, since it matters much more to you, continue to look for your ideal place, keeping them in mind but look mainly for yourself. When you find something, ask if they wish to be included. If you find something that suits you but could not include them, book it anyway.

  5. I would have to agree with your theories about the trip -plan ahead and hope you’ve covered all the bases. And that doesn’t -or shouldn’t -apply only to older folks taking a trip, extended visit, etc., like what you are planning either. Everyone should dot their “i’s” and cross all those “t’s” too! Sure would put a damper on an otherwise great vacation if you didn’t do that and ended up caught “with your pants down” as the old saying goes, ya know!
    Before I forget too – hope you had a great Mother’s Day too, in spite of the little so-called spat!

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