Bear prepared for gardening

The temperature was quite tempwarm today and the wind had finally dropped and I was able to go out without a coat. You can just make out from the picture it is 15C (60F).

I bought a bear banger yesterday, it makes a terrific bang and the bears clear out fast so I am told. I don’t know who is going to be more afraid of it, them or I.

This one is ready and loaded. I took it outside with me today while I inspected my rapidly appearing garden. I also had my radio blasting out of the window.


I thought Country and Western was a good choice at first but on reflection thought that maybe Canadian bears might like that type of music so I put on a CD, Beethoven’s 5th. I thought that might be more intimidating.LOL


It was amazing to see the crocus that had pushed up, almost as if they nudged the snow aside to get to the sun. So lovely to see.


I have been growing a lot of plants to put out at the end of May. They have been doing really well. In fact I think they may take over before May 24 or Victoria Day weekend, which is the usual day up here to put plants out.

5 Responses

  1. I’m glad that the weather is finally beginning to turn. Hopefully it stays warm enough to enjoy the outdoors. 🙂

  2. Loved your music choices to try to keep the bears at bay! Around here, should we need “bear bangers” I kind of think ours probably would like country/western music as there’s a whole lot of it gets played in these hills.

    Flowers looking good too!

  3. I’d never heard of a bear banger – but it sounds great. I could always send my son over with his guitar and amplifier!

  4. I went out and bought some plants today. I hope to start planting them in the next few weeks if the weather cooperates.

  5. Be careful in that garden.

    Looking to seeing more of your garden 🙂

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