WordPress.com is too restrictive

I have been trying to do things with this blog that it just won’t let me do. As you know I am working with my old Blogger blog and it allows me to do all sorts of things that WordPress does not. I bought a domain name for this blog some time ago and I suppose the next step is hosting but I don’t think I will bother as the advertising companies have the old address anyway. The old Blogger blog is doing fine, although not a lot of money I have made $50 off it in ten days. If I can keep that up I will have a nice little pot of gold to go to Mexico with.

To add insult to injury this blog dropped in PR today although the blogger one stayed up. Probably because it is a Google product, I just might slowly move back to blogger. I will have to renew the domain name in December and I will have to decide what the smart thing to do is, let it go or whatever. I hate these technical decisions that may affect my blogging fun. Knowing my luck I will get it all sorted out, make a little bit of income and the PR will drop back to zero and I won’t get any jobs.

Also I have been having a hassle with PayPal the last three days. They have my measly $92 in there and they won’t give it to me. They want me to go through all sorts of hoops to get it. Every time I jump through them I get another email to jump through some more.

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4 Responses

  1. I am sorry that you are having so many difficulties. I do not care for the updated WordPress…I did not make the change to the updated version on my main webpage because many people have had problems with it. When I write on The Chronicles or PMS I have mega difficulties…it is annoying and time consuming. However, it is a new ‘product’ and they need time to get the glitches worked out. I will follow you wherever you will go….btw….thanks for the info about the Disney World class..I am actually looking into it!

  2. I’ve never used wordpress so I don’t know anything about it. My PR went up to a 3. Woohooooo! I just hope it stays and google doesn’t decide to change it back to a zero again.

  3. Everyone seems to love WordPress although I have never mastered it. I think it is much more complicated than Blogger but then I have really worked hard at learning Blogger. I don’t know what you mean by PR exactly (some rating I guess) and how does one find out what it is for one’s blog?

  4. I haven’t done any paid post -other than a couple of survey things now and again and I doubt I will ever make more than a couple dollars from doing those. Just have been totally disgusted with the page rank issues to begin with and then PPP’s new ranking which I don’t understand, along with some weird e-mails I got from Smorty telling me I had done something wrong, needed to remove all other paid posts, etc. I don’t even recall what it was that Smorty said I had done but which I HADN’T. I’m still looking around for ways to earn a couple bucks here and there but so far, haven’t found one that I really like.

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