Heads or Tails – Special Memory

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Skittles has a meme called Heads or Tails this week the theme is ‘A Special Memory’.

About eighteen years ago we decided to take the boys to Disneyworld in Orlando Florida. We were living in Vancouver at the time so it was quite a long trip. We decided to go by Amtrack. This way we could tour North America in relative comfort.

We took a bus from Vancouver to Seattle and then boarded the train. We chugged across the continent to Chicago and then to Washington DC where we could see the White House and other sites from the train. Then on to Florida.

We spent a week in Orlando, visiting Disneyworld, MGM Studios and Arabian Nights Dinner Theatre.

On the return trip we went via New Orleans, through California and back to Seattle. I remember waking up very early one morning as we circuited Mount Shasta, and in the moonlight it was spectacular.

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  1. I took the train to go out to Indiana a few summers ago, but most of the trip was during the night. The little I saw was nice though, wouldn’t mind doing it again.

  2. Oh I love Disney World!!! I want to get Walt Disney’s autobiography that just came out in paperback.

  3. That sounds like an amazing trip!

  4. sounds like a wonderful and fun trip! 🙂

  5. Indeed….fun trip with all family 😀

    Will you visit mine Thanks

  6. Oh my gawd, what an amazing trip! How long were you traveling, start to finish? It sounds like it must’ve been at least three weeks… I’m envious!


  7. EXCELLENT – H o T!!!!

    I love Disneyland [in California] And the MGM [but mine was Las Vegas]———–what a trip, huh? Yes, indeed, that would stick in my mind as one GREAT memory.

  8. I think the train trip would have been superb to enjoy, I am a non-crowd gal so have no interested to do the big theme park, but to see the mountains at sunrise from a train, now that I would love. Great HorT post, pop in @ The Cafe for mine if you would like.

  9. This sounds like a wonderfully memorable ‘adventure’ with your boys … covering LOTS of territory!

    I used HoT (at Small Reflections) this week as a way to ‘revisit’ some of my earliest blog posts and remind myself just why I entered the Blogosphere in the first place.
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. What a memorable journey! I’d love to do that…took one train trip from Kansas City to Spokane, but I was young and just remember ‘kid’ things. Nice post!

  11. I’m sure it was a great trip back.

    You can find my memorie here:


    Have a great day!

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