Don’t know what I can do and what I shouldn’t

All of a sudden I am being asked if I want to write paid posts. I have been contacted by Blogvertize, Smorty, Blogitive and Sponsored Reviews, and Loud Launch. I assume it is because I submitted my old blog in October and then my page rank dropped to 0 when Google changed its page ranking system, and I did not hear from them again. Now the page rank on that blog, despite not working it, has gone up to Google Page Rank 3 and these advertisers are picking it up.

I have already done two posts for Blogvertize, a half hours work for $20.00 and two for Smorty for $13.80 which is a good beginning, but I am scared to foul things up by accepting more jobs from other advertisers. What affects the magic Google Page Rank which enables me to get the opportunities in the first place. Sponsored Reviews and Loud Launch are offering me a jobs for $15 each but will that mean Google won’t like it and I lose my Page Rank and my chance to make some change or not. Anyone have some guidelines in the blog monetizing business.

I would really like to pursue this now as our pension is likely to be cut this year by about $500 a month, which does not mean we will starve, but it will affect the bottom line a bit. Our friend S. knows of one person who blogs for a living and makes enough to work from home. I don’t have aspirations to do that, I don’t want to be in front of the computer full time, I am retired,  but I would like to contribute to our funds in a way I can and actually enjoy doing it. My husband is out today fixing someone’s house and doing odd jobs in the village and bolstering our pension and I feel I would like to contribute my bit.

So any tips would be appreciated.

6 Responses

  1. Just found your sites…interesting reading!!
    Pam ‘Oh Da Woods

  2. i just thought it was PayPerPost that Google dinged PR for, but I might be totally wrong.

  3. You need to email Cindy from Kaleidescope. She is well versed in this:
    and would not mind answering any of your questions!

  4. Hey there Vic. I just checked my page ranking and it’s at 3 also. Does that mean I’m twice as good as a 6…or twice as bad as a 1? LOL!!!

  5. I got a few link sales pr dings, but only one notch. It might be that you just had to many outgoing links?

  6. I’m with Tammy – I thought is was the blogs that did PPP that they were punishing.

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