Future Snowbird needs destination ideas

We have decided enough is enough. We still have 2 foot of snow outside and the lake is still a solid sheet of ice. Although the sun is shining the wind is howling and you still need a heavy coat to go out. I crave the sight of green and flowers. I saw a dandelion today nestled in a sunny snow cleared spot and went into transports of delight, and a few crocus pushing up out of the ground caused my heart to beat a little faster. Spring is coming, sometime, somewhere.

As some of you know we are counting our pennies to visit Mexico next winter for 6 weeks. We are thinking of driving down so we can check out possible destinations in the States to go in winter, where we can bring the dog and hide out from the worst of our Canadian weather. Unfortunately we do not have a great deal of money so we have to think inexpensively. I don’t know how long we could actually stay away, but the worst of the winter is January, February and early March and it would be wonderful if we could shut up the place and go somewhere else.

I know we chose to live up here, but that was because we could afford to buy a place outright and get rid of debts as we did not want to try and live on a pension with these things, and this we have achieved. Bad winter weather though is Canada’s lot, it doesn’t really matter where you go. The lower mainland is wet and windy all winter and the rest of the country is under snow and ice.

So if anyone has any suggestions as to where would be a good place I would welcome it in the meantime I will keep visiting Carver’s Site because of the wonderful photos she has on her blog that do my heart good.

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  1. Hi Vic, I hope your beginning signs of spring will multiply and winter will be on its way.

    You were wondering where I was from in your comment on my blog. I live in North Carolina. I’m in the middle of the state with the NC mountains 3 hours west and the NC outer banks 3 hours east. It’s somewhat colder in the western part of the state and the winters are milder in the east. We are just south of Virginia and DC and North of South Carolina and Georgia. Our winters vary a lot but have become more and more moderate.

    The problem we have is on rare occasions we will have as much as a 60 degree change in temperature over the course of a few days. In the spring this can mean that trees which have just leafed out can lose those leaves which is hard on orchard crops. Last year I barely had any pecans because that happened but of course it’s worse for the farmers who lost crops to the weird weather. Sorry I’ve rambled on so and I’m appreciate you comments about my flowers. We made it through the recent frost warnings without damage so should be in the clear now. I hope you will get a break very soon.

    Take care, Carver

  2. The last couple of days here in New Brunswick have been nice. We still have snow on the ground though. :o(

  3. I hope you figure something out. Prolonged nasty weather really contributes to depression in my case. I don’t blame you for wanting your Winters to be a little easier.

  4. It has been a long, long winter. Are you still looking at Mexico for next year?

  5. Yes, obviously you are looking at Mexico for next year. I just thoroughly read your post. I was too busy empathizing with you about the neverending winter we seem to be having.

  6. Sorry I can’t offer any advice to you on affordable places to winter as i’m on the east coast in what is often snowy -and icy -Pennsylvania. However, spring does seem to have finally arrived here now -daffodils are blooming, tulips coming up and budding, nice temperatures for several days in a row too. I’m trying to think who I know that is in the western states who might have so clue as to places you could winter. Will let you know if I come up with anything there.

  7. I moved from Ohio to Naples 22 years ago and don’t ever want to live anywhere that it snows again. There are some lesser expensive places in northern Florida that still get cool enough in the winter to require a jacket. Just a thought. Southern Florida can be hot all year round and its more expensive.

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