Heads or Tails – Tip

Skittles has a meme called Heads or Tails this week the theme is Tip or anything that rhymes with tip.

I lived in an old house on Vancouver Island, which originally was a small log cabin but over the years had been extended many times. A small creek ran very close to the house and although this was a nice feature it caused problems with dampness. Really the house was about ready to be demolished, but it was home to myself and my three sons and moving was not an option for us.

There were many things my three boys and I learned to take in our stride during this pThe Persistence of Memory (1931) is one of Dal�'s most famous workseriod in our lives, but there was one thing that was destined to break this particular camel’s back . When I would arrive home from work around one in the morning, I would flick on the kitchen lights and often there would be large banana slugs draped like Salvadore Dali‘s famous work ‘Persistence of Memory‘ over the kitchen counter.

The husband of a good friend offered to replace the counter for me and block the entry off so the wildlife that we were experiencing could not get in. Work in the the kitchen had gone well, the sink was into the piece of counter he had managed to find for me and he had disconnected the S-bend which had some unspeakable guck in it, and he asked me to get rid of it somewhere. Not understanding the mysteries of plumbing I tipped the slime into the kitchen sink. Needless to say it went all over him, I was mortified. He was gracious and saw the funny side. How could I be so dumb, it was a blonde moment!

12 Responses

  1. Oh my! Mortifying, indeed! I’m glad he was gracious about it. *giggles* What a great story.


  2. I seem to recall once when my ex was working on the kitchen drain, I thought he was finished and emptied some stuff into the sink. He wasn’t too gracious about my error though.

  3. Now that was just too good!!!! I loved it. That’ll teach ’em to show the cracks of their butts when they work on the plumbing!! Right?

  4. Auch!!

    Welcome at my heads or tails:

    :: here::

    Have a great day!

  5. Ewwww – the banana slugs and the slime!

    I guess he should have been more clear when he asked you to get rid of it somewhere.

  6. *g*

    Great story – thanks for sharing… banana slugs draped like “Persistence Of Memory” *g*

  7. I love how you described the banana slugs. I can just picture it! Very well told story!

  8. Great “Tip” post.

  9. How funny! I got a real laugh out of this!

  10. Oh my! hehehe

  11. Hehehehe – sounds EXACTLY like something I would do.

    Hubs was in the basement working on our plumbing. In the morning, he told me not to use the kitchen or bathroom sink for awhile. I agreed and went about my daily chores. Late afternoon, I was getting ready to prepare dinner, and I thought to myself “I might as well get these dishes done before I dirty more.” So, I started to do the dishes and kept hearing Hubs yelling “Hey! Hey!” I thought he was yelling at the puppy for chewing something… so I continued with my housework chore until it dawned on me!!! OH CRAP… I ran to the basement and poor Hubs was standing there soaking wet with water dripping all around him. I felt like such a moron!

  12. LOL How funny and how yucky for your poor friend. This was a very entertaining post.

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