They did not wrestle a giggle out of me

David at authorblog just wrote a post called L is for Levi’s about his modelling experiences and it reminded me of my own brief experience. I was about twenty-three and living on my own near Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC. I decided it would be fun to attend a modeling agency. They taught us how to walk, put on make up and we played dress up, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I never expected to get a modeling job, it wasn’t even something I particularly wanted to do but I was asked if I would do a few live TV advertisements for a men’s clothing store.

The store was called Fred Asher’s. I think it has gone out of business since then as I can’t find any reference to them online. It was not really modelling because all I had to do is point to the clothes as the camera panned across the display so it wasn’t too taxing. The biggest challenge was to keep a straight face, or at least a smiling one and not burst into giggles. The problem was that it was held at men’s wrestling matches and during the commercial these great hulks would hang over the ropes and pull faces at me. I am proud to say they did not wrestle a giggle out of me at least not while I was on camera.

2 Responses

  1. Always knew you were Revlon cover girl material!

  2. You’re more controlled than I could’ve been. I’m laughing just thinking about those wrestlers. 😀

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