A couple of search engines you might like

Exalead is a French search engine and has indexed more than a billion web pages.

Although results are not as relevant as the top search engines, Exalead is doing some interesting things on the presentation side. All results have a thumbnail of the homepage.

Clicking on a result loads up the page in a bottom frame with the search terms highlighted on the page. This allows for quick scanning and a fast way to determine if the result is relevant to the initial search. If the page isn’t relevant, users have instant access to the search results.

Gigablast is the only search engine indexing meta tags beyond just the meta description that some others index. It is the only search engine that can also display meta tags in the results list. Gigablast aims to be an efficient search engine alternative to its larger competition, being able to store a large number of cached pages on a given server.

One Response

  1. Thanks Vic. after reading your post I tried Gigablast. Its a great search engine. I especially like their freshness dating feature and Gigabits. They are cool. Also they have a comprehensive help page. I have made them my default search engine. 🙂

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