I went out yesterday for the day with a friend and that was good and I enjoyed myself. While out I decided it was time I bought a new bathroom scale as I was so thrilled at almost reaching my goal weight I wanted to keep on top of any changes. I bought a digital one and set it on the bathroom floor and horrors it read exactly 10 lbs heavier than my old one. I have checked and rechecked and I have to face facts that I have been under the delusion of being lighter than I actually am. So I will add that to the S… happens file.

The other nasty is it is time to do our tax returns. I have it on my daytimer to do it this weekend and I have told hubby I want him around for moral support tomorrow and maybe Sunday. He is to be there to prevent me from tearing my hair out, to bring regular cups of tea and make soothing noises. That means no sneaking off to his friends place for coffee and to play with their boat. No little jobs that just cannot wait a second longer so he can escape to his workshop. If I am anguishing over the multitude of forms written in some indecipherable brand of English he is going to be with me. Oh yes, indeedy.

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  1. I just wrote a friend that we too, must get with the tax returns. My sister is in hospital in Vancouver … and it could be that we are called down … so we best be prepared for every eventuality!! Good luck with the figuring.

    TTFN … Cis

  2. P.S. On our trip to the coast … we gained all our poundage back. Sigh. Yes, S…. happens!


  3. Ah tax time! This year, for the first time in four years now, I get to file an income tax form -no income, just ss but in order to receive my $300 stimulus check, I have to file the easy form. I have it laying on top of my computer right now but do me a favor, e-mail me at least once sometime during every week from here on out until I finally remember to fill it out and then, remember also to mail it!

    The scale dilemma though – I had to chuckle over that one. Our scale is old, is off too so before I use it, I have to adjust it so that it automatically starts showing about 4-5 pound already there, then I usually get the same amount of poundage staring back at me as I get on all the dr’s scales. About a month ago, on a dr’s visit, when I was weighed, I had lost -yes lost -about 3 pounds. I was really ecstatic. Last week, I felt like I had lost a bit more as even some of my clothes were fitting somewhat looser than before so when I was at the dr’s this past Monday, I requested weighing in. Should have kept my big mouth shut as I was back up to the old weight -3 pounds heavier. How does that happen anyway?

  4. I like the old fashioned scales better ;)….I do my taxes with Turbo Tax…it makes it so.so. easy.

  5. Scales vary *so much*. It could very well be that your old one was correct and your new one is off. The only way you can really see the truth is to always use the same scale for every weigh-in.


  6. bound to be like that with a different scale…no need to worry…the important is to feel better…nice to read you again, I’ve been with no computer for weeks…

  7. I hope the final result on the taxes is a good result!

    When I found out the results of our taxes, the purchase of the camera got pushed back even further. hehe.

  8. We finally got our tax returns done today (Monday) too … BUT, we no sooner pressed the send button on mine when I found an error! Drats. D was able to correct his but now I’ll have to send a correction in. We did pension splitting this year and it has helped a lot in reducing what we have to pay! We used a program that made “the best split” possible as well as gets you all the things that you can possibly get.

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