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The weather has been so lovely lately although the wind is still bitterly cold. I walked down into the village today to help my husband and his buddy who are trying to use my old sewing machine to sew a canvas cover for their boat. They had trouble threading it, but emancipated men that they are they did not even try asking me to make it for them. My husband knows I hate to sew, stapling and gluing or sticky tape is my answer to hems that come down. He sews so much more neatly than I do anyway. He taught his two daughters how to sew, darn, crochet and knit and as long as he is allowed to fry it he can cook most things too. In fact there is not much that man cannot do except spell.

As some of you knowDSC00284 he built a lovely little solarium that we enter from the living room and it is ideal for the plants and I am also drying my laundry in there now it is warmer. It is actually quite hot in there right now and I had to open the windows, despite the fact that it actually only a few degrees above zero outside and we still have about 2ft of snow. The solarium probablyDSC00285 will be very hot in the summer but we will just use it then as a greenhouse for tomatoes and peppers and to enjoy the long evenings.  After all we don’t have very many really hot days so I don’t think it will be a problem but he did talk about making some kind of drape that he can pull across the ceiling to block the sun. I thank God daily for such a handy man!

I really need to get a comfortable chair in the solarium though if I want to be in there for any length of time.  I have pulled up my arm chair close to the door. Right now he has a jigsaw puzzle he is working on at the table but later on I hope to have our supper in there.

The other thing he has been working on is a bookshelf unit for the bedroom which he has just about finished. He used the beetle wood for the bottom doors. We decided to darken the walls so he has painted the bookcase the colour we want and will do the rest later. I bought a new bedspread etc. and it is in old gold and deep chocolate brown as you can see and the sheets that I bought to go with it are chocolate brown also. I can’t eat the stuff but I can sleep in it!

Well, all this deprivation I have been doing to myself has caused me to lose another pound. 147 this morning and 2 more to go for my doctor’s satisfaction, maybe I will try a bit longer and get swim suit ready for Mexico. Or should I really care at 61, but I think I am still vain enough to want to look as good as I can for my age. I have been visiting blogs via my Google Reader but I must say my blogging enthusiasm has dried up somewhat. Like Skittles I need to step back a little and I have been using the time wisely and exercising. I think I will try and have days to blog and days to visit I just can’t seem to keep up with everyone and I do appreciate when someone leaves me a comment and I am sure everyone else does too.

I have been immersed in the Harry Potter books. I wanted to see what they were all about and actually I think they are quite good, very creative and I know lots of people thought they should not let their children read them, but I think you can find something of the redemption story in it if you have an open mind. Tomorrow I might take a drive up to Smithers and check out the health food store there. I like to try all sorts of different things, and my husband enjoys being a guinea pig and on Sunday we will drive the other way to Burns Lake and go to church, pop into Overwaitea for some groceries and stop at our usual Chinese food hang out. Now the roads are clear I am able to get out of the village a bit more and therefore have not been at my computer quite as much.

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  1. I’d love to have a room like that built onto the house here. Maybe I can do that as next year’s project…after the shop is finished. LOL!

  2. That solarium looks really cool. I’d love to have something like that. I love handy husband’s! Mine is really handy too and I also thank God daily for that.

  3. I loved catching up with you!!!! I recently read the first Harry Potter book and liked it so much I bought the second. I intend to read the whole series also 😉

    Such a blessing your husband is. We usually have to call on friends to help us with the handyman stuff.

  4. The solarium really impressed me -still does -and I love the bookcase and your new bedspread, with the inedible chocolate sheets!
    I’ve kind of gotten forced into changing my blog patterns -too many other people here who want to use the computer! Kate has her “my space” and once in a blue moon, may actually use the computer for some homework research. It’s a rare event but does happen now and again. Son-in-law is constantly surfing e-bay, looking for good buys on car parts and such and Mandy recently discovered some “mom” type groups, including one for mothers of children with autism and she is as hooked on that as I am with blogging so between their trying to take over my computer, the baby with his obnoxious sleep patterns, I get relegated often to playing here in the middle of the night after the “normal” folks have gone to bed. Do that till I can’t stay awake any longer, ya know and then, I take my cat naps off and on during the day when one of the others is sucking up the space in my chair, at my computer! So sometimes, it takes me 36-48 hours time to get around to all my favorites on my reader and finding time to do a post too. Spreads things out a bit that way.

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