Heads or Tails – Surprise

Skittles hosts a meme called Heads or Tails. She has just changed her blog address and made some other changes go check it out.

Spring is coming on leaden feet to the Bulkely Valley

We took Annie the dog down by the river today. It felt lovely and warm despite the ice and snow. There is evidence of spring all around, the buds of the Saskatoon bushes are swelling, the willows have put out lovely red and gold shoots and there is mud underfoot. Spring seems to take forever to come our way and then one day you are surprised to see the tiny pale green leaves and the edges of the snow showing new green grass and before you know it Summer is here.

10 Responses

  1. Love the photograph. I love the beginning of spring despite what it does to my sinuses.

  2. Enjoy the spring and summer, Vic. I love the Bulkley Valley, though must admit that I’m also partial to the Okanagan Valley too. When the summers get too hot for me in the Okanagan, I’d love to go to the Bulkley Valley where it’s hot, but not as scorching.

    Have a happy week!

  3. Whoof!! I’d like to come play woof yur Annie. Hey, by the way, my Grandma ‘Bean is named Annie too.

  4. Wow – two surprises in this post – one with the post and pictures, etc – the other about Barb’s new blog.

  5. That is ONE GORGEOUS photo!!!!

    HoT day…have a great one. Hope you can find time to drop by and visit me too.

  6. Thanks for the new link to Skittles. I am so thankful she changed her blog layout. I had difficulty loading her old site and always got confused by all the ‘bling’. You know me…I love simple. 😉

    Again, what a beautiful area of the country you live in 😉

  7. Glad to hear spring is coming your way! Mmmm I love saskatoon berries.

  8. We still have LOTS of snow here in new Brunswick too. :o(

  9. The photo is exceptional!

    But let’s not hurry summer; I am eager to enjoy the spring.

  10. It’s coming! I saw my first robin last week. 🙂

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