Nanaimo BC Capital of Google Earth

Nanaimo BC capital of Google Earth

Nanaimo is on the east coast of Vancouver Island and used to be a main shopping centre for me when I lived on the island. Now it has become famous for its innovative use of the internet and Google Earth.

5 Responses

  1. I’ve been to Nanaimo before. It’s pretty, but I prefer New Brunswick to BC.

  2. It’s great to live in the Capital of Google Earth and the Technology Department at Nanaimo City Hall deserves a lot of credit for raising the city’s visibility this way.

  3. I like nanaimo…I need to move my family there.

  4. I’ve been to and through Nanaimo different times, but have not yet been inside a bar there. I want to go into a bar in Nanaimo. Why? Because… I’ve had many Nanaimo Bars go inside me and I think it only right to have me go inside a Nanaimo bar. Hahahaha.

    Okay, so I’m a wee bit ‘sick’, haha. My Mom makes THE best Nanaimo Bars every Christmas and us ‘kids’ are addicted.

  5. I read about this in the paper. Who would have expected Nanaimo to be on the forefront of these things! Good on Nanaimo!

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