Plantings, tremblings and grinchiness

Planted all my seeds today in the see through egg cartons I have been saving for the job. They will be like little terrariums I hope. I will put them in the solarium during the day and move them inside at night because it gets cold in there still.

  • Marigolds, burgundy and yellow
  • Columbine red and yellow, blue and white
  • Lupin pale pink
  • Pansy black
  • Nasturtiums
  • Morning Glory
  • Petunias
  • Peppers

I took Annie the dog for a walk after lunch, the wind was still quite cold but the roads were clear at last so I did not slip and slide all over the place. I am absolutely terrified of falling so the ice does keep me in. Later this afternoon Annie was scratching frantically on the front door to come in and when I opened it she was trembling and could hardly move because of her fear. I hauled her inside and she has stayed in all afternoon. I couldn’t see anything so she must have smelled something about, the only thing I think that scares her that bad apart from gun shots is a cougar. It seems to me that it was about this time last year we had a cougar prowling around.

The snow is slowly receding which means we still have about 3ft in the yard but every day it is getting less. We drove the 100 km to church on Sunday, usually we stay and have lunch and I get shopping but it started snowing so hard it was almost a white out, so we decided to get out of there and get home but by the time we turned off the highway to the village the skies had cleared. So I had to drive in yesterday and do my shopping.

I am having a bit of trouble with my right eye it is very blood shot and a bit sore. I have some polysporin to put in it for the next five days but if it hasn’t cleared up by then I suppose I better go see the doctor. Also I just haven’t felt like blogging, I don’t know if I have burn out as I used to blog every day but I just seem to want to poke about on the computer and not much else.cariboo ponderer grinch

I have almost finished training my replacement as library treasurer, we did the financial statements the other day and we just have the tax returns to do and I will step her through another payroll and that is it. That will be another thing off my plate. Of course doing the library did give me some contact with village people, now I will have even less. I am not sure I care that much. I fear I am growing into a grinch.

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  1. Boy, sometimes I really begin to think that maybe physical illnesses and viral infections can also be shared on the internet -along with the other type of computer virus infections our equipment can pick up. Over the past 6-8 weeks now, the two little ones and I have been dealing with some kind of sinus infection crapola that about the time I think we’re shaking it, back it comes for yet another go-round. Like you though, I’ve also had some problems -but with my left eye -often getting really bloodshot and having a lot of pain in it. Doesn’t look to be pinkeye but what the heck do I know about stuff like that?

    As to the contact or lack thereof with the village people for you, considering how infrequently I tend to venture out, I see nothing unusual about a bit of reclusive tendencies from time to time.

  2. Wish I could start some seeds, but the thought of dragging them back and forth to Denver would be a bit overwhelming, there’s always next year.

  3. I can understand the ‘not feeling like blogging’. It’s one of those things that comes and goes I think. I can see me slowing down on it once the weather is a bit nicer.

    Cougar prowling about? I just can’t imagine it. I could undertand the dogs fear though.

    Feel better soon.

  4. I’m one of those who “lurk” in the background, faithfully reading your blog yet without commenting. In fact, blogging is one of those things I’ve contemplated doing, but feared it would become a burden to do.
    My reason for commenting this time is that I hope to encourage you to continue blogging — at whatever pace or frequency you find best. Your postings nearly always encourage me. I love your observations of Creation, and reading about life in your remote “neighborhood” is a delight to me. Further, because I’m a preacher, I admire your gentle way of putting in a good word for Jesus Christ. Oh, how I wish more people (including myself!) had your way of presenting bits of a trail leading to Jesus!
    Please, don’t become weary in doing good. Yet, if you believe God would have you take a break, or (perish the thought!) of ceasing this endeavor, please know that I am grateful for all you have done.
    Congratulations on becoming a Canadian citizen!

  5. We saw a large bob cat the other day. It was big enough to eat a small dog.

  6. Oh yes, those cougars can be pretty scary. There’s a lovely little lake only 30min. from us, but I just can’t bring myself to camp there with the kids because there are often cougars around. I fear them more than the bears.

    I had another blog before my current one, and often went through phases where I didn’t feel like writing for awhile.

  7. I LOVE Columbine – it is one of my favorites!!!

    I don’t blame Annie – I’d be afraid of a cougar too!

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