Heads or Tails – 7 things

Skittles has a meme called Heads or Tails and this week we can write about any 7 things.

I have not been blogging and visiting so much right now as  I have a few things going on

1. I am training a new treasurer to take my position at the library and that covers everything from payroll to tax returns and financial statements so is quite a bit.

2. I have to get ready for a Library Board Meeting tonight, hopefully my last. I presented the budget to the Village this week and that is a job I loathe.

3. I am having some eye trouble, and I promised hubby to stay off the computer for a while as he is convinced that is the reason, and I have to humour him, I am pretty sure it is allergies, I get these red eyes periodically and they are not pink eye.

4. I have to get everything together to go away for a couple of days as we had a call to say our Canadian citizenship is approved and if we can get up to Terrace we can do the ceremony on Monday. We must be squeaky clean as they did that in 5 months instead of the expected 15.

5. I have to go to a Library Dinner given to appreciate my years at the Library, nice but I get all embarrassed at these things.

6. I have almost a foot of snow to shovel off the deck where it has fallen off the solarium roof and then melts and creeps under the door.

7. Dog paw marks showing clearly on the floor now the sun is shining in, dog hair attached to everything, doggy droppings showing up in the gleaming snow, all have to be attended to as they are bugging me and maybe making my allergies worse.

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13 Responses

  1. Training people to do something you already know how to do is such a hard job!

    Thanks for playing this week. It sounds like you have a lot to do!

  2. Wow – you truly have a LOT going on! Don’t forget to take care of yourself and don’t wear yourself down!

  3. Shoveling snow? Maybe that’s what’s wrong with your eyes! You must stop immediately, just in case.

  4. Good news about your citizenship thing. That is very fast track it seems to me. Maybe they hired some more workers. Now you’ll have to wait endlessly for the passport thing.

  5. You do have your hands full – some sounds good, some not so – take care of yourself…

  6. My goodness, you have a lot on your plate right now! I bet you’ll be relieved when all of this is done 🙂

  7. You’re a busy gal! Good news on the citizenship … Mexico’s not that far off after all. Training someone … yuk! It’s okay if they catch on quickly but if they don’t … frustration plus, plus!

    I take some vitamins targeted especially for the eyes. I’ve taken them for a few months now. My Mom has macular degeneration to the point she’s legally blind … and I hope to avoid the possibility. The vitamins are for more than that though.

  8. So, does that mean you will be able to take your vacation now as planned? That’s great news!

    I’ve been having problems with my eyes…dry and reddish. I’m thinking that it was due to the weather as the winter always wrecks havoc with my skin.

  9. Woo Hoo on the citizenship thing as that should clear the way for your visit to Mexico then, shouldn’t it? And Boo Hoo Hiss on shoveling snow! Yuckie poo!
    The eyes though -I’ve been having an issue off and on -seems like every so many months, and it only affects my left eye though but it is more like a blood vessel or some such burst and that eye just gets red (bloodshot-very) and also the muscles around it hurt but no, not pink-eye. I dunno! Maybe it is eyestrain. Who knows?

  10. I hate shoveling snow, but I usually con my hubby into doing it. hehe!

  11. I also take a med for my eyes due to my mother having macular degeneration. . You sound busy, I’ve just been laying around due to having the gook.

  12. whew I’m tired now after reading your list. Congratulations on your citizenship. That must be thrilling! I hope your meeting with the board went well. Now rest!! My HoT is here. Thank you.

  13. Greetings citizen! I tired of snow too Vic…been a long and cold winter this year.

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