I signed up for Yuwie

I signed up for a social network known as Yuwie, that Joy at the Insane Writer mentions on her blog. You can be making a little extra cash by visiting friend’s pages and leaving them comments. Things we all do every day and you can get paid for it, and it is free.

Here’s how it works, you visit the Yuwie web site and visit your friend’s pages. Leave comments on your friend’s pages and hopefully your friends will do the same. If you want to make even more money, you can refer others and have them sign up for an account through Yuwie as well. If you love blogging and commenting, why not make a little money while you are doing it?

I just discovered that I could get deleted by WordPress.com for promoting Yuwie as it is an affiliate blog. So I think I will put my little url on my old blogspot blog that I keep reinventing caribooponderer.blogspot.com and if you want to check out Yuwie and join up do it from there will you. What a hassle it maybe time to consider hosting my own blog but that seemed such a lot of work.

2 Responses

  1. Boy, you’re really getting into these “social network” sites a lot of late, aren’t you? WHere the heck do you find them all anyway?

  2. Social Networks are actually a good thing. They can help by promoting you. I did not know that wordpress does not allow Yuwie promoting. I think I am glad I don’t use wordpress.

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