First picture

steve and fam I took this one off my son’s blog because I haven’t got any others yet. I will not get to see the baby until this summer when I will drive down to the lower mainland. He will be about five months by then.

Say hello to Aiden, my beautiful new grandson. Pictured in the photo are my other grandson Daniel (who prefers to be called Optimus Prime), their Mom Cory, and Steve my son(with the beard).

They are already home from the hospital so I expect a plethora of photographs very soon now.

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  1. The nice thing about not seeing him until he is about five months old is by then he will be smiling, making all kinds of noises, knowing people around him too and just being a lot of fun to spend time with. The drawback to not seeing him till then – well we all know what that would be like -just not getting to watch him change day-by-day. But you do with what you have, when you have to and make the best of it via the photos and phone calls too.
    But I’ll betcha you’ll be doing something along the lines of having some kind of “short time chain” -if you know what I mean by that – counting the days till you get to see him in person, hold him, just do like I did for most of the first months with my first grandson -just sit and stare at him for hours in sheer amazement. (Actually, I did a lot of the staring too with Maya and again, when Kurtis was born and I’ve been with them both, day in, day out since day one but it still never fails to amaze me that they are my grandkids, ya know. Enjoy him by whatever way you can till you can hold him and hug the living stuffings out of him then!

  2. How beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What an absolutely beautiful family! I am so happy for them and for you! I couldn’t help but have a great big smile on my face when I saw this happy and loving photo.

  4. Congrats go out to you and your family! 🙂

  5. Awww…congrats…what a lovely family!

  6. What a lovely addition to the family 🙂

    The whole family look lovely.

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