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Social Network Reviews – the top ten, most I have never heard about. Maybe that is why my blog is not in the top ten either?

  1. MySpace – I have a page on  MySpace really only to direct to this blog. I came across some interesting blogs there while browsing.
  2. – This one I have never heard of but plan to check it out asap.
  3. AOLPeople – I used to have an account so I have reactivated it but again I will only use it to direct to Cariboo Ponderer.
  4. Friendstar – I think I have heard of this one as I have browsed.
  5. Hi5 – Again new to me.
  6. MyYahoo – I closed my Yahoo blog about a year ago because I found no one commented or at least nothing worth reading.
  7. Facebook – I don’t like Facebook. I have 2 accounts there, one to access my boys Facebook and one with friends but I find it fussy and confusing.
  8. Tickle – New to me will have to check it out.
  9. Everyone’s connected – Another new to me.
  10. Backwash – And another

Klatch1 As you can see MyBlogLog and Blog Catalog did not make the cut so why do we all spend so much time there and I don’t think anyone has ever become a subscriber to this blog from there either. Stumbleupon has helped somewhat in numbers, but it is only spikes which may have helped the page rank a bit, for what it is worth, but I don’t think I have had any consistent return readers from there. So far I haven’t found social networking web sites to be that helpful. I am a member of a few but I don’t think I have had too many visitors from them. I think joining the odd meme has helped this blog to grow a little, but most memes I do not like doing. 

I think most of us want more readers and online friends, unless we are creating an online diary which we don’t care if it is read or not, but in that case why not make it private . I would think most of us are blogging to share our experiences and lives, as well to educate and reach out to other human beings.

Establishing online friendships takes work though. It means visiting and commenting on another’s blog. It can’t be one sided but I guess one has to be wise in the amount of time one spends glued to the computer screen.

What do you find has worked for you in establishing contacts and befriending people online? Do you have certain methods in your blogging experience that work for you?

I found this graphic at The BiPolar Diaries and I liked it so much I saved it and it is a true picture for me. I really look forward to checking my comments each day to see if what I have written has caused someone to take the time to leave a note.

11 Responses

  1. Of all of them, I only use Myspace and it’s just a way to keep in touch with other online people who don’t really read my blog…or for different bands and authors that I like…keep me updated on what’s going on…that sort of thing.

  2. I love that graphic! I’ve seen a couple other graphics with the same message, but this is the best so far.

    I’m with you. I haven’t heard of most of the sites on that list. I end up signing up for a lot of things, but I really don’t have time to commit to most of them. I think most of the social network sites are just about that site and who you connect with there, not really about getting them to visit your blogs. Even the people I know in real life on MySpace or Facebook don’t usually follow my links to my blogs. We just interact there.

    I like BlogCatalog because it relates more directly to my blogs. When someone visits from there, I can tell. I have met several of my friends there and then more through those friends… You know how the Internet works. I end up forgetting where I found them and just being thankful I did. You’re right, though, it does take lots of work – but it’s worth it.

  3. Hi Vic,

    What’s up?

    I have used MySpace, FriendstEr, facebook, and Hi5… they are all similar, but I lost motivation due to redundancy. My most active personal account is friendster. I am using mySpace for online marketing (for business).

    You are correct on StumbleUpon. It gives a “ramp” traffic, but very few leave comment.

    I agree with your take on establishing and maintaining friendship online, it’s tough… Good thing there’s a Google Reader. All bloggers should have a feeder ( Is Jeni around? hehehe.


  4. I don’t have time for Facebook anymore. One a week I go and check my messages there, but that is about it.

  5. I have MySpace and Facebook, but that’s mostly because of my kids…

    I haven’t found the key to building these online relationships. I do try to visit and comment.

  6. I’ve heard of several of those things but the only ones I’ve ever signed up for were “Mybloglog,” “Spicy” and :”Fuel My Blog.” The latter sounded really nifty when it first came out but then over time, I never felt any “love” from it. Then, they revamped the way people could vote for your blog and that was just way to confusing to me, also seemed very unfair too, so I just lost interest in it. The Spicy -just seemed to be more of a “hook up” or almost like a dating scheme and I really didn’t care for it. My daughter and step-granddaughter both have a “Myspace” thing and I don’t regard what I see on them as being blogging – more like instant messenger and photos -people putting more into just “bling” stuff on their pages -not my style at all. Well, I suppose some might say once you venture off and add awards to your sidebar, you’re into the “bling” thing then too with the regular blogs. I dunno, just don’t like those that are like “MySpace” at all.

    I much prefer reading what people have to say – whether it is just a little account about their day, mundane things going on in their lives, or posts that take a topic and write about it, I just prefer to deal with the regular blogging stuff.

    I’ve built my contact list in the beginning by using the “random blog” button but then I switched over to reading blogs in other people’s favorites or using David’s “Post of the Day” to find more blogs that are along the lines I enjoy.
    My sitemeter has gone through some ups and downs lately – last week’s count was down about 60 some for the week over what it had been running for the past couple of months (only tiny dips here and there) so I don’t know if I’m losing readers, if more are using “Google reader” or similar stuff that don’t register on the sitemeter or what. Hope it goes back up again though as I’d hate to have my ego deflated by a sitemeter count, ya know!

  7. I have Facebook but I don’t like it. I only joined because a group of bloggers I knew did, but I hate the stupid things they have there. I get superpoked by people who insist on sending stupid virtual stuff. I haven’t added much there and now I know you can never leave, like the Hotel California, there’s not much point in trying to get out of it so I ignore it.

    You only get commenters and readers if you put in an enormous effort and that actually takes away from making a good job of your blog. I only post every couple of days but I spend ages every day visiting and commenting. Some blogs are so slow to load and sometimes it doesn’t seem worth the wait to comment.

    I’ve always like mybloglog in that it leaves a little image behind without it being necessary to leave a comment always. I like that especially on my medblog reads where I hardly ever comment.

    I’m very grateful that we have such an easy blog relationship. We visit each other’s blogs on occasion and leave a comment sometimes. I have a few like that. I do read you in bloglines but don’t always come over to comment. So many blogs, so little time.

  8. […] of topics range from almost quitting my contract counseling gig to Vic Graces’ post on Social Networking. However, I did not quit my counseling job. Therefore, I have a 10:30 appointment and have a […]

  9. I haven’t tried any of them yet but would like to use Facebook and MySpace as my son is always talking about them.

  10. I have a page at Facebook, but haven’t been there for a very long time. I see no point in it. People send stupid, useless stuff to me and it just saps a lot of my time to go there and deal with it.

    I’ve been going through a lot of ‘tired all the time’ this winter. Well, okay, the truth is, it’s been going on for years… anyway, I come here to read and then get too tired to comment. This is the same at other blogs too.

    Since I started posting ads to my blog, and started a second blog for that purpose, I’ve found less and less time for visiting friends. I’m sometimes very tempted to quit the ads, or shut down the second blog, but the money does come in very handy. In order to do ads, you have to keep people coming to the blog, so you need to do a lot of memes and such and that takes way too much time. I need to get off my butt and be more active, though with the soaring gas prices I also need all the money I can get.

  11. Hi!

    There’s a new kid on the block, entrecard. It’s a combination of an social networking site and an ad network. Looks promising.

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