Heads or Tails – P

Skittles started a meme every Tuesday called Heads or Tails, basically she provides a word and we can interpret it however we like.

This week it is anything beginning with P so mine is Premature, Prayer and Praise

 david Today  my middle son David is 29 years old, but he was born prematurely, he was only three and half pounds at birth.

I had caught a really bad cold prior to his birth and had been coughing a lot, but my doctor felt he could not give me anything for it as it would harm the baby. One night I awoke to find that I was losing blood, I rushed into the bathroom and dropped a large piece of the placenta into the toilet. I had jogged it lose from coughing so much. On arriving at the hospital it was decided that the baby needed to be delivered right away in order to save his life. He spent his first weeks of life in the intensive care unit of Vancouver General Hospital and I was allowed to bring him home when he finally reached 5 lbs.

However the trauma did not end there. After he had been home about ten days I awoke one morning full of milk wondering why the baby had not cried when he was hungry as he usually did. When I checked his crib he was looking very flaccid and just not with it but I was able to suckle him a little and he revived a bit.I decided I had better get down to the hospital for them to have a look at him,  on arriving I was told  I had to take him to my own doctor so I hopped onto the nearest bus and on entering the clinic noticed that David looked even worse. I flew up the stairs and burst into the doctor’s office although he was with another person, but the doctor was quick enough to see the problem and did mouth to mouth and whatever else to get David to breathe again. I was told to call an ambulance which I did right there in the doctor’s office. Later the doctor said he wished he had more mothers that were so cool in an emergency.

David was so bad that the priest, that was visiting the hospital, asked if I would like David to receive the last rites. I was not a Catholic but I knew enough that often this was used as a sacrament for healing so I felt it couldn’t hurt. I was told to expect David to die sometime in the night. That poor child was hooked up to so many tubes that they had cut into the flesh of his nose as they tried to keep him alive. He still has the scar.

He survived the night and slowly became strong enough to come home but I was told that due to the fact he had not been breathing for over three minutes there may be brain damage, and in fact there was, the specialist said that half of David’s brain was not functioning normally.  Meanwhile we had met a woman  who was of unusually strong Christian faith and she organized a prayer team for my son to receive healing. The next time I took David to the specialist they could find nothing wrong with him. He is now a strong, healthy and happy man and I have much to give praise about.


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19 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh Vic! I had tears in my eyes and goosebumps as I read this. You are such a very strong and inspiring woman. Thank goodness your son had someone watching over him.

  2. First and foremost let me wish your son a happy birthday!

    I can’t imagine having to go through anything like that. Thank God he had angels watching over him.

  3. I just posted news of a contest I’m having for Heads Or Tails players. Check it out. 🙂

  4. Hi Vic,
    What a remarkable beginning of life your son had. How fortunate he was to have you as his mother. I felt emotional reading your account. Take care, Carver

  5. What a wonderful and inspiring story Vic. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Your son has had an interesting beginning to his life and I wish him all the best. You had an amazing experience and I wish you and your son well.

  7. That is a powerful story you wrote. I was so pleased to hear you say you knew the Catholic rite could be a healing rite. That is such a positive insight (I’m not even Catholic, but I don’t like the religious anger we see nowadays). this is a beatuiful post. My HoT is here, thank you.

  8. Wow…. this is such a touching story, Vic. I am so happy for you and your family that David not only survived, but thrived. Please pass my Birthday greetings on to him. I wish him many, many more happy years.

  9. We sure are glad that your son is okay. Give him a Whoof and a Meow fur us please.

    Now, this is the thing… we came to tell you ’bout this new meme that we’re playing and think you’d like. It’s the Message In A Bottle meme. Check it out on our blog.

  10. Happy birthday, David, from a namesake half a world away. Mate, there is nothing to treasure more in life than a mother’s love.

  11. Inspiring and positive post! Happy for you!

  12. Having known a few of Life’s interventions in my own experience, I am delighted to be in a place where I simply accept such blessings as the eternal “norm.”

    I thank you for reinforcing that comfortable realization.

  13. How wonderful that your son is healthy and strong and happy. I can’t imagine how awful the alternative would have been and have always been a stong believer in prayer as a healing tool.

  14. wow, what a story about your middle son’s first few days of his life.

    I am happy he is now happy, strong, and healthy! may he always be!!

    here from David M’s

  15. how scary!! happy birthday to your son!!! healthy birthday!!
    i’m here through david, btw!!

  16. I came over here from david’s blog. I love this post. very touching. The Lord is wonderful isn’t he? anyways…congrats on post of the day!!! 🙂

    god bless

  17. I’m someone else who has followed David’s Post of the Day, and what a wonderful story, I can’t believe that the hospital sent you away to start with, but it sounds like you have a wonderful doctor, and that you have been a great Mum. Please wish David many happy returns, a celebration to always remember.

  18. Wow. He was a fighter, and you were very strong. Pretty sure there was an angel or two involved there, as well.

  19. Hi Grace, wonderful story. You are so brave and strong just like my mother. David is blessed to have a mom like you.


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