Were the Irish really Egyptians?

This is part of an article I found at a site called Engines of Our Ingenuity written by John Lienhard, of the University of Houston.(Links below).

Some of you Irish might be curious as to your roots. irish

Twenty thousand years ago the British islands were connected to Europe. If we ask who the forebears of the today’s Britons were, we have to begin about sixteen thousand years ago when Earth warmed, ice melted, and the first British population arrived.

Now geneticists and linguists trace DNA and language to identify the earliest Britons. The first major immigration appears to have been from the Basque region of Northern Spain, with a few arrivals from areas around the Black Sea. They had all come through present-day Turkey, fifty thousand years ago. These hunter-gatherers walked the Atlantic coastline all the way into Britain. They formed the Celtic language, and they lived through a second smaller ice age, twelve thousand years ago.

egyptian After that, melting raised ocean levels three hundred feet. That water separated Britain from Europe and Ireland from Britain. When a new wave of immigrants came about ten thousand years ago, they were mostly from the eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, where farming had recently been invented. They brought with them, not only farming, but also an advanced ability as sailors.

So, many of the Irish, and other Britons as well, really were Egyptians long ago. But what about the invaders who followed them? When the Romans came, they remarked that a population of Belgae had already moved in. Those were the tribes from which Belgium takes its name. Now it seems that the Belgae shaped the early English language. Later invasions by Angles, Saxons, and Vikings seem left no more than five percent of its DNA in Britain. Even the Normans made only a small dent on British DNA.

John Lienhard

Engines of Our Ingenuity

6 Responses

  1. Where in the heck do you find these things?

    I am always amazed at the things you find and the great, informative posts you turn them into then!

  2. So that book about the Great Britain and North America descend from the 12 tribes close to the truth? Irish blood has also traveled all the way to Asia. 😀

  3. My relatives came from England and Scotland, but there probably and Irish man in there some where. hehe

  4. I recall reading a fictional book about an Egyptian ‘outcast’ heading north and thus making the Irish and Scots waaay cool.

  5. True All the worlds people came from sub-saharan Africa. However saying that Irishmen were Egyptian would imply the Egyptian accomplishments would be credited to the Irishman which is not at all true. I wouldn’t particularly call them Egyptian decendants of early Africans would suffice.

  6. *I wouldent call them Egyptians. Decentants of early african would suffice. (correction)

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