I plan to fight it, want to join me?

Two weeks ago I went for my yearly blood work and on Wednesday visited the doctor to see how things were. Everything was fine except my blood sugars. They were 6.7 which is considered on the fast track to becoming diabetic. I couldn’t believe it. I am so careful not to eat sugars and eat only good stuff. I am really interested in nutrition and have been careful all my life so I felt quite upset. So I have to go for a glucose test but I want to try and change the numbers before I go.

My doctor said if I could lose 5 lbs it would make a world of difference. Well I am 150 lbs and he said 145 lbs would be a perfect weight for my age and height but he said it will be difficult for me to lose it. He suggested a very low carbohydrate diet to try and jog my system into losing it so I have put myself on a real strict low carb diet for a while. I want to get those sugars down.

I did some Google research and I found that exercise really helps as you burn up additional glucose when you exercise. I think this is my downfall because I hate to exercise. I would rather be messing about on my computer. However I have started with my pedometer again and have walked 10,000 steps plus done some pace exercises. It takes so much time, I feel I have been walking all day.

This might mean I will have to cut back on computer time but I don’t want this thing to take a hold. Anyway I will give it a good shot, and in a couple of weeks I will go for that blood test.

Does anyone else want to loose a little weight and do some exercise everyday. Want to join me and we could encourage each other.

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  1. I wish I only needed to lose about 5 pounds to get down to the weight you say your Doctor has recommended for you – that would be about my ideal weight as well – 140-145 is about where my weight generally stayed until I hit my 50’s and since then, it has just gone in one direction, up!

    I am lousy at dieting and as you said about yourself, exercise is a really dirty word in my book! A lot of the exercise I used to get is no longer feasible for me as my legs in particular are not very cooperative – nor is my back. And, during the winter months, it is even that much more difficult to get out and walk even slow leisurely walks thanks to the ice and snow.

    If you figure out some method that would work, let me know!

  2. Hi, stumbled upon your blog. Love the blog name.

    I so need to exercise more regularly. I do okay when the weather is nice, I like to walk. But in the winter..not so much. And, like you, I’d rather be messing with my computer!

  3. Take care of yourself Vic! Unfortunately, I have to do the opposite, I seriously need to gain some weight.

  4. Good luck! I’m starting a healthy eating program so hopefully that and some DDR will help me lose some weight. I’ll keep looking for updates.

  5. Good luck! I heard recently that there’s this company has this little treadmill that you can fit right under a desk and use it while you are sitting down. I’m not a bit fan of exercising but that seems pretty cool.

  6. Sounds like you’ve got some genes in your jeans! I too wear a pedometer–it has been shown to be one of the most successful methods, but try as I may, I can’t get much over 5-6,000 a day, so if you’re doing 10,000, good for you! I went from 150 to 130 in 4 months in 2006-07, and I call it my blogging weight. Good luck, and as I plod along, I’ll think about Vic moving with me.

  7. You may remember my “Weight Loss Wednesday”…which was an awesome experience….however, I have since put back on the twenty pounds I lost. I am with you on this one!! A neighbor and I were doing pretty good walking four times a week…then the holidays ended and my teaching schedule picked back up…all excuses, I know I can find the time somewhere.

  8. Oh Vic Grace, in theory I have joined you. I lost 50 lbs a couple of years ago and needed to lose another ten pounds to be in the good range. I never made it and have put back on over 25 lbs again. I did it using South Beach but it seems I got diet fatigue and went back to my evil ways.
    I am supposedly on a diet again, not the strict phase but Phase I, restricted. It is much harder this time as the weight just will not come off. I go to the gym three times a week (for three years) and belong to a walking group one day a week so it’s not exercise that I am lacking.
    Good luck, 5 lbs sounds so easy but in reality it’s not.

  9. I need to lose tons of weight. I wish it were easy that’s for sure. I have a sit down job and I’m truly starting to think that it has become a hinderance to my efforts.

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