I have been tagged for the Book Meme

I have been tagged by Jeni of Down River Drivel for the Book Meme. Since I always have half a dozen books on the go at one time all in a disordered mess under the coffee table and opened to the last place I was up to, I just stuck my hand under there and grabbed the first book that came to hand to do this meme.

Here are the rules:

Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. (No cheating!)

Find Page 123.

Find the first 5 sentences.

Post the next 3 sentences.

Tag 5 people.

Like Jeni I don’t usually do memes, but this one was relatively easy and I was curious to see what turned up.
So, here’s my contribution to this meme:

This incredible number vastly exceeds the total number of atoms within the known universe. The odds against a single living protein being formed by chance alone is equal to the chance that a blind-folded man could locate a single grain of sand painted gold within a universe composed of fifty billion galaxies of two hundred million stars apiece composed of nothing but sand.

However, the formation of life requires far more complex structures than simple amino acids and proteins.

The Signature of God by Grant R. Jeffrey


So now to tag 5 people

JMB at Nobody Important because I am sure she reads interesting stuff.

David at Authorblog I rather hope he has one of his own books to hand.

Anna at AlwaysBCMom because we have similar interests.

Bong at ReapMoneyOnline just checking if he has time to read.

Saedel at Planet Saedel because he is a deep thinker.







6 Responses

  1. Boy, I sure called that shot right when I said your readings are often of a very “heavy” variety! I think I was lost after the first 4-5 words in that blurb.

  2. The book you are reading sounds really interesting. Mine’s up. The fastest meme I’ve ever done!

    I hope David uses one of his books, too. That would be great.

  3. I just finished reading Stephen Kings Cell and if I used that book for this meme it would probably scare some people. LOL

  4. Would you believe I have been tagged twice in one day for this same meme. I’ll do it next week, after Photo hunt etc.
    That sounds like an interesting book. It sure was a teaser in those few sentences.

  5. Hi Vic,

    I smiled and shook my head when I read the rules. The books around me are mostly technical books. Not good enough for the meme’s purpose. Luckily, the nearest book was about Sports (Michael Jordan) and I think that’ll do. 😛

    I’ll do my best to continue this meme.


  6. I did this meme too on My Dogs Keep Me Sane.

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