Curry for breakfast

I cooked lentil curry the other night, I am particularly fond of curry and since we had some left over I enjoyed it for breakfast the next day.

I also like tofu, straight, I will eat it like cheese, or fry it a little instead of eggs in the morning. In fact there is very little I don’t like but I have gone right off fish. I will cook some salmon for my husband’s dinner tomorrow but I will have tofu instead.

My husband thinks my eating habits are a little crazy.

Yesterday I made some liver paté. I used beef liver, hard boiled eggs, onions and put whiskey and cream in also, it is quite yummy. So much cheaper than buying it. Then I decided to make some Pumpernickel bread, which turned out sort of squat but it was really good. I rarely make cakes, cookies and desserts as we really don’t need them. If I make a dessert at all it is a fruit crumble like I made this evening. The last of 2007’s rhubarb. We eat it without sugar just putting a slightly sweet topping on it.

I try and eat with the glycemic index in mind or better still glycemic load. That means very little bread, potatoes, rice and starchy things. I found out that rye flour has less effect on blood sugar than whole wheat flour so that is why I am trying out the rye. I used it to make the topping for the rhubarb crumble tonight and floured our liver in it and made the gravy. It was fine. It has half the glycemic load than wheat flour. Semolina flour is good too, I have found that makes great white bread, it is not as fine as white flour but you can get used to that, and it does have some food value. White flour is a killer, even weavils won’t live in it, it has so little nutrition, I haven’t used it for over 30 years. I like spelt flour but that is a bit too expensive for every day use. Barley flour is a good, but doesn’t have any gluten so can only be used with wheat flour for bread. I will experiment with just about anything and have tried amaranth and quinoa grains too for a change but since they are health food items they are expensive.
I took a large moose roast out of the big freezer today to defrost in the fridge, we will have that over the weekend. Since we have about 350 lbs of moose in the freezer I am trying out all sorts of things with it but I haven’t oven roasted it yet, as I am afraid it will be a bit dry, but I guess if it doesn’t turn out too good Annie the dog will be pleased.

I am trying to get over my usual February funk. It hits me every year, I don’t actually get depressed but I seem to get lazy and everything seems an effort. I don’t know if that is cabin fever or not, or winter blues. We have the prospect of another two and half months of snow on the ground before we see the green again. Then May and June are usually wonderful months. Everything grows so fast you can almost see it popping up. The first half of July is not bad, but by mid July the heavens open in almost tropical style thunderstorms every afternoon, with buckets of rain slamming down. Annie the dog is a very traumatized dog every summer. Then come the bugs until the end of August, black flies, mosquitoes, and no-seeums. I get my special net hat out and don’t venture out without it and am covered with bug spray from the time I get up. Last year I slipped out for five minutes without bug spray and when I got back in my arms were streaming blood from the black fly bites.

September is lovely and even October and November can be cool but nice and then snow again. Last year snow came in October, I hope it will be later this year. The February funk is why we were thinking of taking a trip to Mexico next year but since our Citizenship acknowledgment letter just arrived informing us that it would be fifteen months from the date of the letter before we would get our papers, I think we can write that trip off until 2010. I wonder if there is somewhere to go in Canada in February where it is warm?

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  1. Well, since you can’t take a real live trip this year, get a change of scenery, you can come get the instructions for a little meme (very, very easy) that I tagged you for. All you need to play are in the instructions at my blog! Have fun!

  2. Curry? Sounds goood to me!!

  3. Hi Vic,

    Some of your breakfast choices sound unconventional but there’s nothing wrong with that. I can’t eat anything very exciting too early but if I put off breakfast until a little later, I enjoy food that’s normally something you eat for supper. I also like breakfast for supper sometimes. Even though we have much milder winters where I live than what you have, I can relate to being in a funk during February. I hope you have some pleasant days soon. Take care, Carver

  4. Hi there!
    I came across your blog while searching for garden blogs in the Cariboo Chilcotin region. No luck so far 😦 But, it’s been fun to come across the blog of a fellow Christian!

    You’re further north than we are now (though we recently lived in Prince George for two years), but I can relate to the sluggish feelings in February. It hits me every year.

    From your description of where you live I thought at first that you must be from Likely, but it looks like you’re farther north than that after viewing your map 🙂

    Gardening around here is funny….you wait and wait till the danger of frost is gone and then it’s go! go! go! to get everything growing before winter hits again.

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