Saedel always has something important to say

A person needs a support group in order to feel a sense of belongingness and to be successful. A group can define a person, that is why it is important to join a group which shares the same interest and makes us feel comfortable from the start.

I personally like small support groups for a number of reasons:

– I grow with them and its members
– I know the leaders and can communicate with them
– I can participate, be heard and be noticed
– I like the personal approach

Like any other relationships, memberships in support groups are two-way streets: they support you and vice versa.

Actively participating in your support groups make these groups bigger, more active and more influential. In turn, these changes make you proud, make you part of a community, give you more experience and more exposure. Consequently, you grow more as a person you intend to be.

I visit Planet Saedel often and I find he always has something of benefit to me. Whether it is better computer practices or how to handle life.

Saedel was born and raised in the Philippines. After finishing BSBA major in Computer Application, he worked as a Programmer for a plastic manufacturing company writing in-house programs that automate their system and evaluate their products. So you can see he has a lot of knowledge he can impart although he is pretty shy about tooting his own horn, but I have found him to be a wealth of information when asked.

He now lives in New Jersey, USA and teaches computer and mathematics. I wish I had had someone like Saedel as an instructor when I was in school. Math was a mystery to me and I spent quite a bit of time weeping over my inability to understand it, especially algebra. In those days non-comprehension was considered punishable since you could not have been listening. Schools have improved a lot since my time.

Saedel launched his site to help him express his thoughts, ideas, opinions, and observations. Most of his posts are connected to self-improvement and personal development and well worth reading.

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3 Responses

  1. I’m not sure of how things actually progressed here -I think Saedel found me through you and then, I started reading his blog -anyway you cut it, it was a move I have not regretted.

    His blog is a font of information and not just about computers and blogging but he frequently makes analogies between the various aspects of life, in general, and computer things.

    Very information blog and quite interesting.

  2. I’m definitely going to check out this blog! These recommendations are great!

    I also wanted to let you know that you have a very, very special award waiting for you over at – I think you’ll really like it!

  3. Wow, thanks for the featured post Vic! I really appreciate it!

    Time flies really fast right? It was about 4 months ago when you discovered my blog via BlogRush (ironic knowing that we both flushed it after its poor performance 😛 ). Jeni then also posted right after you did and the rest is history.

    To be perfectly honest, I am the one gaining the benefits by reading your (and Jeni’s) blog. I truly enjoy your posts, I learn a lot because of the varieties. I like reading Jeni’s stories, it’s like I am there in her place.

    So thanks for all the kind words, but really the pleasure is all mine.

    See you!


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