Uninspired week

As many of you have probably noticed this blog has been a bit dull this week. I have been totally uninspired. There has been nothing happening around here to report, it is very cold outside still, -25C today although sunny and I have not been out for days.

I am reading several books at once, I nearly always do this, and I like to look at the ending half way through, if I like it I will finish the book if not I won’t. I drive my husband crazy with this trait.

The 5th Horseman by James Patterson

Wish Come True by Eileen Goudge

The Eagle and The Raven by James A. Michener

Heat by Stuart Woods

Decisions that Define Us by David Crone

As I write this I am watching a movie reflected in the mirror on my desk, it is on the Knowledge Network  called Longitude, and my husband is off playing darts.


Oh yes, I forgot, I went with him on Wednesday to try carpet bowling. I found it indescribably dull, but he assured me it is more exciting on Monday mornings as more people are there. He really wants us to do something together as he is so busy all day working with his friend, and more and more work keeps coming his way. So most of the time I am alone at home which I don’t mind but he feels that I must get lonely. I guess I will make the effort for his sake to go on a Monday morning.

9 Responses

  1. Hello!!!
    Our high today was 52 with an overnight low of 41 and I complained all day about how cold I was! Shame on me… I keep the thermostat at 66, layer my clothes (tee-shirt, sweatshirt and velour jacket; leggings, 2 pairs of socks, lined slippers and velour pants). Am I a wimp or what???
    Stay toasty and keep on reading!

  2. It’s been cold here also but today and yesterday we are in the upper teens and lower twenties. I dress with layered shirts and socks and then put my robe over the whole get up .

  3. HAH! Those get-ups all sound quite familiar to me in the winter months. Since the bulk of my time seems to keep me parked in this corner, in front of my computer, and there are a couple areas of the house that provide a lot of drafts – all which seem to land right around this corner – I often also have a blanket of some type wrapped around my legs or at the very least, thrown around my shoulders. Since I seem to also be the only one here who really notices these drafts in my little area, we have decided they must be coming from a ghost in the house. One that only likes to manifest itself to me – most likely, my mother. (No, I don’t actually believe in ghosts, but what the heck, it makes for a good explanation as to why I feel drafts that no one else seems to notice, doesn’t it?)

  4. I too, have been most uninspired of late where blogging is concerned. But it is a new month that promises at least longer days and hopefully more sunshine … and maybe that will be enough to get those creative juices flowing again.

  5. My dad’s girlfriend reads the end of the book before she starts the beginning – drives me absolutely nuts!

    I can’t read more than one book at a time… well, at least I’ve never tried. I like to completely lose myself in one book.

    By the way, I’ve read 5th Horseman. I’m waiting to get my hands on 6th Target. I LOVE James Patterson!

  6. Oh no!!! Don’t tell me you look at the end???? That drives me nuts also 😉 I love Patterson and Woods though…..don’t tell me the ending!!!

  7. Wow – that’s a lot of books to read at once, Vic! James A Michener’s novels were on my parents’ shelves when I was a kid. What a powerful writer.

  8. I hope you are keeping warm. Sometimes winter really makes me blagh.

  9. Hi, Vic! What’s up?

    It’s not that cold here in Jersey City. It’s actually 40 deg F and I only have 2 layers (shirt and coat)… Anyways, is the picture really that small?

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