Keeping warm

I wandered out of the bedroom around 8 a.m and noticed that it was -35C or -30F outside this morning so I nearly wandered back to bed. Instead I threw some more logs on the fire and got it really going. So I thought I would try out the movie capability of my camera as I haven’t tried it before. So here it is, you can see out of our back door to all the white stuff outside and then it pans to the front door where there is Annie the dog’s rope inside. We have about seven cords of wood outside in the shed and when it is cold like this we have to refill the woodpile every couple of days. Those are my husband’s work sneakers and the fan is going at the back of the stove to push the warm air into the living room. The picture on the wall is ‘The Desiderata’


Here is a picture of our solarium with all the frost on the inside of the window. I won’t be going out there today but it will be great in a few weeks when we get more sunshine it doesn’t take much to get warm but -35C is asking a bit much.

My husband went carpet bowling this morning and to pick up Annie from his friend where she went visiting last night and then decided it was too cold to come home. She is now lying in the snow in a patch of sunshine as if we were in the Bahamas. The temperature has come up a little it is a balmy -25C right now, still very cold.

I have a book that I DSC00272was given to read so I probably will end up snuggled up on the couch later with it. It is about and old man of ninety reminiscing about his life in a circus.My husband has already read it he thought it was quite funny if a little explicit in some spots.

Nothing happening much right now and no great thoughts are coming into my head. I think I will try and visit everyone later for inspiration. It is sometimes hard to keep up with everyone’s blogs and comment but I have them on my reader and enjoy going through them as much as a book.

Does anyone use Twitter and do you like it? I have Windows Messenger but rarely use it, do you? Anyone found anything new out there in Cyber Space to while away a long evening. Although the evenings are getting longer which is a good indicator of warmer weather  not too far away.

I have been looking at other Start Pages other than iGoogle just to pass the time. I found Symbaloo and YourMinis both very Web2, I think I will stick with iGoogle for now. I also found a blog called Simple Spark that has a list of new applications available.

Anyway that is it for now I have to go think about supper. How’s roast chicken sound with cauliflower, carrots, mashed potatoes and whatever else I can find. Dessert will be an ice cream cone, that is what I always have.

6 Responses

  1. I just finished Flying Changes, by same author. Will put this on my list to read.

    Your wood stove is almost identical to ours. I think we’ve burned nearly one and a half cords of wood thus far. It’s was wicked cold here for about a month. Now the wind, and keeps wanting to blow out the fire.

  2. I have used both Twitter and Messenger. Twitter was fun for a little while but I got bored of it. I use Messenger quite a bit though, I have a few friends whom I talk to on a regular basis through there…they both live outside the US so it’s a nice (and cheap) way to keep in touch with them.

  3. We’re busy keeping warm too … though we weren’t QUITE as cold. But an ice cream cone for supper …. hmmm …. better stoke that fire with an extra log before that goes down!

  4. Oh brrr… -35… it’s been cold here but not that cold. That fire looks pretty cozy though. I’d be curled up on the couch with a blankie and some hot cocoa too.

  5. That is a really ugly temperature Vic, but a really great fire! I think Twitter is pretty dumb. I do have it on my sidebar but never update it anymore. Never used Messenger although I have done Google talk with a few people. I quite liked it.
    Keep warm my dear.

  6. Keeping warm is the order of the day! Your woodstove looks very similar to ours. Except for the mess, I love wood heat.

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