The early bird caught the worm

Dawn found me, this morning, bundled up on our living room couch dialing the Immigration office. The fire had died down overnight and it was still cold but I felt I had to get an early start of what promised to be a day of constant redials getting through to the Immigration office. As I stated yesterday we mailed in our papers in October and had not heard back yet.

The early start paid off, after going through several commands of press this and then that, I actually spoke with a person, yes, in this day and age this is a novelty. This delightful young woman assured me that my papers were not lost, indeed at this very moment a security check was being done on me. It is amazing, even when you have lived a relatively innocent life how those words can make you sweat.

Anyway she assured me that we should be receiving a letter from their office in the next few weeks, which I translated to months, when I would be asked to present myself, and husband to the nearest office for verification, which is probably a long drive from here,  and then some time later , probably after the date we hoped to leave the country, we would have to meet with the Governor General to be sworn in as Canadian Citizens. Oh joy, then I can start the paperwork for passports. I phoned today to see where their offices were and of course Canada does not recognize that anyone lives outside the major cities, so we either have to make a day and half’s journey and an overnight stay, to stand in line for up to five hours in order to get passports within two weeks or mail it in and maybe get them in six weeks.

They said on the news last night that the passport offices where backed up and they were processing thousands each day. Now Canada has not got a very large population so we got the calculator out and figured that in one month at the rate they claimed they were processing, every one in the country should have a brand new passport. Go figure!

Anyway my day is now clear before me and it is only 9:30 am. I suppose I should go and get dressed.

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  1. Did I detect a hint of sarcasm there Vic – they will contact you in a few weeks which you interpret to mean several months? Patience, my dear, patience. I know – you’ve got it already!

    I sent you an e-mail a few minutes ago with my NEW broadband e-mail address! Yippy skippy! Yes, the deed is done, e-mail account all squared away and the nasty old dial-up service has also been removed too! And, good riddance to that as well!

    Now, I’m off to do some high speed stuff – blog, surf, e-mail – you name it, I’m off to do that now!

  2. I love it when I block out several hours in order to complete a task like that…and then it only takes a short time after all. Good luck getting everything done…hopefully it’s realitively painless…though…that traveling doesn’t sound like much fun.

  3. WOW – you sure are having to jump through a LOT of hoops! I hope everything works out for you and very soon!

    If you have time, come meet my boyfriend at – I’m sure you, of all people, will appreciate him!

  4. I hope you get your passport in time. We are planning on going to Scotland in 2 years with my church, maybe i should apply for passports now.

  5. Hey Vic – I like Cariboo Pondering too. Hey I’m dying to know how you placed an active link to your website in the blogger comment box…?
    I try todo that and it always fails…
    But I guess this isn’t the right place to ask.

  6. Sorry this is taking so long, what a pain.

    I love the Kwout thingie, that is a great find!!

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