Everywhere I go this morning on the internet there is talk about Heath Ledger and his untimely death. I am afraid until today I had never heard of him. It is sad of course that he died, especially for his family, but his death doesn’t affect me one bit, why should it?  Why do we have this irrational reaction when it is celebrity news?

People die every day but it is not national news. What about all the other people in the world that  died yesterday. One person every other second needlessly dies. Approximately 85% of them are children under 5 years of age or younger. Every two  seconds a person dies of starvation, water borne disease or AIDS  and it doesn’t happen on a specific date it happens every day of the year.

Let’s get real.

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  1. You know Vic, to some -those I suppose who get really upset when things happen to celebrities -this actor’s passing is akin to losing a family member and I’m sorry a young man with apparently a lot of talent, great future, lost his life. But, you are so right in pointing out the myriads of people who die daily -the children especially – who knows what they could have possibly contributed to benefit society in time, had they had food, had they not been born with aids, or some other atrocity such as the violence in the world, the wars, the hatred that keeps flowing and flowing and flowing.

    I believe as you do that we need to start putting things in their proper perspective and stop the mindless babble that permeates the media and even day-to-day living for some about the celebrities and their every little ache and pain and concentrate on bringing about methods that would enable a better life for everyone – not just a few who earns huge sums of money for portraying a character in a movie and then getting the mistaken belief sometimes that they are that much more important than anyone else around the world.

    Thanks for that reminder – for pointing that out!

  2. I feel sadness when I hear of anyone’s death, whether I know them or not. I feel sad that H.L. died, not because he was an actor (though, I thought he was a terrific actor), but because he was a young human being who it seemed…was suffering from something very profound.

    We grieve for these people because we are humans and we have emotions. We grieve because stories like this reminds us that however old or young we are…we are not immune to anything.

  3. Exactly! It bothers me when the media makes such a huge deal out of the death of a celebrity, as if that person was somehow more important than every other person who died that day – or any other day. What’s important about Heath Ledger’s death is not that he was an actor. He was a father. A young girl will have to grow up without her father. That’s sad.

  4. The whole foo-fa-rah over celebrities, especially the movie industry celebrities, is beyond my ken … their life styles are most certainly not exemplary as you have previously pointed out. And they most certainly don’t have the edge on talent … we all have our giftings and we are truly interdependent on each other’s giftings … I’m not sure where this singling out for greatness came, this idol worship as it were.

    When I look at the obits in the paper and see a younger person … I feel really sad for them and their families. Perhaps this is what everyone is feeling.

    I’m called … snack time and we just got back from a ski! Ta, ta ….

  5. I wish people would mourn the loss of innocent children killed by war, hunger, disease, and abuse they way the do for celebs.

  6. I do agree with you! It is sad when anyone dies but shouldn’t we be more concerned with all the people who die in loneliness, who don’t have anyone to cry for them?

  7. Great post Vic – so very true.

  8. I for one was saddened to hear the news of Heath’s untimely death. Celebrity or not, he is a person. We are all Gods children and as such I mourn the passing of a brother. God Bless us all.

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