Remembering Dustbunnies

I was reading a post today at ‘The BiPolar Diaries‘ where she was having an issue with dustbunnies and it reminded me of something. When I was a struggling single mother I was always looking for ways to earn a little extra cash. I worked during the day teaching computer classes in a small 6 person classroom, I typed for a businessman in the evenings, also I would fill in at a hotel, when needed at their front desk, and during that time I started a little business I called Dustbunnies.

My eldest son created a logo of rabbits done out in French Maid costume flourishing dusters, and we put out flyers everywhere, offering cleaning services. My three sons would take turns in helping me on Saturday’s. I told them that is how they earned their pocket money, as there would be none otherwise. They did it with reluctant grace but they liked it when I shared the earnings with them.

It was hard work and on Saturday evenings I would flake out while the house filled up with other people’s teenagers, come to watch videos which my sons bought with their earnings. They brought the snacks and pop, I didn’t mind as long as it was all cleaned up before everyone left, as at least I knew when my three teens were on Saturday nights.

I was relieved when I got remarried that I was able to give up that grueling schedule as my new husband offered me the option of staying home if I liked. I did like and I have ever since. Although initially I felt guilty for taking time off, when he was working, but he liked me to be there when he got home, and instead of me working on Saturdays, I would go out with him while he gave quotes to potential customers and then we would go for Chinese food.

Funny how some thought by another blogging friend would bring back a memory. That so often happens doesn’t it.

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  1. I think it is wonderful that your sons helped you. My daughter helps me with my daycare and I know I wouldn’t be able to do it without her.

  2. I was single until I was 50 so when I go married and got to “retire” I was ecstatic! Sometimes I think about getting a job but when I really think about it I shudder … being tied to a schedule … yuk! I feel very privileged to stay at home. D works summer contract because he loves his work! How wonderful must that be?! I can’t say I loved my jobs … they were okay but not great … and I was mostly fortunate to make a decent wage.

  3. Reading Danielle’s blog about the “dust bunnies” and her words to her family about the work in the house, all reminded me of saying pretty much the same things to my kids way back when -and to the grandchildren now -about cleaning up, being responsible, etc., etc.

    And the post below – reminded me that Linda tagged me with that last week and I back-burnered it at the time and then just plain forgot about it. Ah, the senility factors just keep on slipping in, don’t they though?

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  5. You are so correct about the posts of friends. Many get me to thinking beyond my own perspective and then others help me remind me of those moments in my life that I thought at the time may have been insignificant but ultimately shaped a part of me.

    Thanks for the ‘shout’ out.

  6. Hi Vic,

    Not working outside the home I think has added years to my life and I don’t worry about dustbunnies anymore. lol

    Good lesson for your kids.

    Jumped over to The Bipolar Diaries was having troubles with it loading. Humm.

  7. Yes, when you go through the struggle, work, or loss, it causes you to realize and appreciate what you gain later.

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