Loosen up and have some dark chocolate

Did you know that after eating dark chocolate one can have up to 59% greater artery flexibility and 36% less clot-forming activity after just two hours.

Got high blood pressure or worried about heart disease? You’ll benefit from some dark chocolate.

It’s the best medical news in ages. Studies in two prestigious scientific journals say dark chocolate is good for you. Dark chocolate — but not milk chocolate or dark chocolate eaten with milk — is a potent antioxidant, report Mauro Serafini, PhD, of Italy’s National Institute for Food and Nutrition Research in Rome, and colleagues. Antioxidants gobble up free radicals, destructive molecules that are implicated in heart disease and other ailments.

“Our findings indicate that milk may interfere with the absorption of antioxidants from chocolate … and may therefore negate the potential health benefits that can be derived from eating moderate amounts of dark chocolate.”

Not all chocolate is created equal. Dark chocolate contains a lot more cocoa than other forms of chocolate. And standard chocolate manufacturing destroys up to half of the  flavonoids. But chocolate companies have now learned to make dark chocolate that keeps up to 95% of its flavonoids.In a study published in Nature, researchers asked 12 volunteers to eat dark chocolate only, dark chocolate with a glass of milk, or milk chocolate. An hour later, the dark-chocolate-only group showed an 18% increase in blood levels of antioxidants called epicatechins.  Those who included milk or milk chocolate showed no change. “We suspect it’s the proteins in the milk that the epicatechins are binding to, so they’re not absorbed,” says study co-author Alan Crozier of the University of Glasgow. “There is evidence that with tea, milk does something similar.





So I just enjoyed 3 pieces of dark chocolate, a little high in calories but negligible in carbohydrates which is what I watch anyway. I find that I can control my weight by not eating bread or cereals, although I do indulge in ice cream for dessert. I eat lots of veggies and I like tofu as well.

Exercising is my big downfall, I try to walk 30 minutes a day but if there was such a thing as an exercise pill I would take it. Now I am nearly 61 years old I  am about 15lbs over my perfect weight for my age and build,  and it is exercise that would shift it, I am sure, but to get motivated is the difficulty. Anyone else have motivation problems.

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  1. I’m not a big fan of exercising either…but I have been getting better. I have really tried getting some exercise in everyday, mainly things like stomach crunches and I’m seeing a difference. It’s a good motivation.

    For a few years I’ve really wanted to lose some of the extra weight I put on during college…but I’d get discouraged because I’d try to eat healthy and I’d try to exercise but I really didn’t notice any results. Over the last few months though, I did lose some weight as I cut back on my eating and seeing the numbers change on the scale really helped.

  2. Now this is the kind of news I like to read and/or hear about! I LOVE dark chocolate! Unfortunately right now all the dark chocolate in this house also has mucho other added things to the candy – nougat, caramel, cream fillings, etc. – wonder how much that sugary mix detracts then from the healthy benefit of the dark chocolate then? Someone please tell me they read somewhere that it doesn’t hurt anything -please!!!????

  3. Chocolate!

  4. I can get motivated to have some dark chocolate! I love dark chocolate.

    I have been walking 2 miles every (weekday) morning for almost 15 years. The original motivation was that I had neighbors to walk with. We couldn’t skip a morning, because someone was counting on us to be there. Then, they moved away, and it was just me and the dog. Now we don’t have the dog anymore, and it’s just me. I keep doing it because I’ve done it for so long, and because I end up feeling bad if I don’t. I’ll get a headache or something.

  5. Oh my… I’ve been less than motivated for a long time. It wasn’t until this year that I’m finally motivated and have actually started exercise this week… I am SOOOO sore, but I am VERRY proud of myself and that pride makes the soreness worth it. My husband and kids go with me to the YMCA. So its been fun so far. Honestly, I’m not sure where the motivation is coming from, but it’s a great feeling and I pray that I keep up the pace!

    I really don’t like dark chocolate…but I may learn to tolerate a few bites for that benefit!

  6. This is the kind of medical news I like to hear. I am not a fan of the really high-cocoa stuff (76% is my limit) but I swear I will take a liking to it now, even if it kills me. πŸ™‚

  7. I’m going to go have some dark chocolate now! Yayyy!!!!

  8. Yummm… chocolate! πŸ™‚

  9. I dare not loosen up and have any because I could never stop. I am a true chocoholic and cannot keep it in the house. Well only dark chocolate, I don’t care so much for milk chocolate.
    I hate exercise too but go to the gym three times a week and my walking group once a week. 25 lbs to lose, but so hard.
    Good luck Vic, exercise does not do it for me. I don’t know the answer

  10. He, he… I knew there was something good about it. We love chocolate but our two angels have asthma. 😦

  11. YES!! I love healthy dark chocolate too! In fact, I found some that doesn’t have all that other stuff like sugars and fats and fillers that reduce the health benefits.

    Those interested in learning more about the health benefits and where to purchase the dark chocolate with the highest antioxidant ORAC rating available anywhere in many delicious forms can visit http://www.HealingWithChocolate.com.

    Our healthy chocolate is even recommended for diabetics to help stabilize their blood sugar. It’s recommended for cardiac patients who have been instructed to lower their cholesterol and blood pressure too. It’s even been reported, in several studies, to help you lose weight.

    It’s phenomenal that such a delicious treat can provide such amazing health benefits.

    Coming soon…we’re launching our Extreme Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie in the beginning of Feb. 2008 and you can pre-order at a reduced rate at http://www.HealingWithChocolate.com.

    Please contact me if I can be of service.

    In-Joy! Shelia Norling

  12. P.S. I don’t know that much about asthma (see post by Bong JB) but anything that has to do with inflammation can benefit from our healthy dark chocolate and I believe asthma has an inflammatory effect that can be reduced by healthy dark chocolate. Go to http://www.HealingWithChocolate.com to learn more.

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