I’ve taxed myself too far today.

dogtired I went down to the library today and did the year end figures, which I have to present to the village with regard to the budget. Then I figured out the tax return slips for the staff and the request to the government for a tax rebate. I did not get any where near finished but I am bushed. I still have the financial statements to do and the returns for a charitable organization etc. etc. I have given my notice as volunteer treasurer but they have not found anyone else yet. I don’t want to leave a lot of stuff for my replacement to do as soon as they walk through the door though. That was done to me and it wasn’t kind. I am looking forward to coming out from under the burden of this position. I never anticipated it was going to be so much when I volunteered.

I was reading tomorrow’s ‘Something to Ponder’ in order to post it on the page. It asks ‘Why do we need praise and recognition?’, I don’t particularly want recognition for my role at the library, although I know I will receive it, I just want to slink quietly away! I have done the best job I could considering I had never done anything remotely similar before, but I know my limitations and this is it, plus I am starting not to care if I make a mistake because I know the hours it will take me trying to figure out where it is and what I have done. It infuriates me when someone who is good with numbers can just run their finger down a page and say brightly “There it is”, after I may have spent days slogging over them eventually being so confused I don’t know if I have to subtract or add. Time to give it up, I say.

I hope this year to apply myself to learning some basic Spanish, that is with the hope that we can spend some of next winter in Mexico. I downloaded a free language learning program called BYKI which is based on flash cards, with audio as well. It has lots of free word lists to go along with it. Since I will have to teach myself, I thought this probably the best way to go. I don’t know anyone who speaks Spanish. They say learning a new language, studying math or music are all excellent ways to stimulate brain cells that have not been used before, so that has to be a good thing. I suppose the library episode could be marked up as a brain empowering experience, what do you think?

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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/

    Try this link for free language lessons. I’m thinking of a winter trip to Mexico next year too. Snow is nice, but…

  2. Well, I definitely do think trying to learn anything with mathematics – or a foreign language – would be a lot of stimulation the old grey brain cells but in my case, it might be considered overstimulation and create an explosion with brain cells scattered all over the place. Not that I have all that many but well, you get the picture. Don’t want to risk putting that on overload.

  3. Cute photo ;)…I just spoke with a friend of mine yesterday who was a volunteer for the Salvation Army. She quit at the beginning of the year..the reason? After working 9+ hours a day during the Christmas season for them, she never even received a Christmas card or a thank you. Everyone needs praise and recognition, each of us search it out in different areas of our lives. If we receive it in our personal lives we are more content to not seek it in other areas. At least that is what I believe.

  4. I wanted to learn Spanish during my first year here in Jersey City. But I figured it would be pointless if I don’t interact with Spanish people. So I gave away my Spanish software to a friend who wanted to learn the language. She also didn’t learn for the same reason. 😛

    As for recognition, most people respond better when they are appreciated. A close family friend volunteered as a DJ in our parish annual carnival. The first year, he never got a “Thank you” for his hardwork but he let it go, and still volunteered the following year. However, he was still ignored by the organizers and he told me he’ll never do it again. He’s not looking for a compensation for such a daunting task, he was only looking for a pat on the back for a job well done.

  5. I admire you for striving to learn new things.
    I need to get to work on inputting our expenses and income so I can send them to the accountant to prepare our taxes – I’m SO far behind… I have NONE of it done. I never used to be like this, but, since the move, I have become such a procrastinator!

  6. I am going to go to those free language links and maybe we could practice Spanish together. I have long wanted to learn a third language.

  7. I certainly believe that voluntary work deserves a big Thank You. Your time is just as valuable an asset. I remember when I volunteered at my kids school, I was given a certificate by the school board. It just makes you feel good…a warm fuzzy. We all need those now and again.

    It’s great you want to learn new things too…I’ve never learned another language…I took extra math and science in school instead.

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