Road kill for supper

Well, not actually for tonight’s supper. We got a call about 10 this morning from the local police department. A young moose had been killed just outside the village, about ten minutes previously, did we want it.  My husband had put his name down on the village road kill list three years ago and was waiting for such an event as this, and now it was his turn.

My husband, Grizzly Dave aka as The Axeman, jumped into the truck, throwing saws, etc in the back and off he went. I have a strong understanding of the roles of male and female when these things happen. This is man’s work in my book.

He has just pulled into the carport and showed me his treasures. Four large legs, he figures about 350 lb of meat. He is skinning it now and will hang it high in the wood shed for a few days.

Luckily the bears are asleep, but the foxes, wolves and coyotes could be around if they get wind of it. He has just given Annie the dog, a piece of a leg, and she is in doggy heaven, happily gnawing at it in the driveway. Why would he do that, why not at the rear of the property? The place will look like a slaughter house by the time he has finished!

  “I will can that up for Annie”, I suggested.

“There are some fine roasts in that lot”, he answered incredulously, “She’s not getting all that”.

That remains to be seen, doesn’t it!

14 Responses

  1. I don’t like venison usually, have had elk and buffalo, what is moose like (to eat).

  2. Ewwwww… this is the part of country life I can’t handle ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. A few years ago one of my cousin’s hit a deer while driving…it was right before Thanksgiving so Thanksgiving Day when we’d all gathered for dinner her uncle (my older cousin) saw her and exclaimed: “Allie, people spend tons of money every year to hunt those things and you had to go and hit one!” I think she wanted to die.

  4. We don’t have moose – but this sounds very similar to the deer skinning episodes around here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I like moose meat a lot better than deer meat, but we usually end up with deer because that’s what hubby usually ends up bagging during hunting season.

  6. That is tooo cool, a road kill waiting list, love it!

  7. Oh dear, I couldn’t do that. If my meat isn’t in cellophane and bearing no resemblance to the original animal, I would have to be a vegetarian. It is a windfall for you however, I guess!

  8. I had to giggle a little bit at your descriptions of the whole event. A “Road kill” listing, huh? I don’t know if they have something like that around here or not (a ‘prefered’ listing that is) but my son-in-law has been known on various occasions to scoop up a “fresh” deer kill along the highway here, bring it home and butcher it up. We have a good bit of ground venison in our freezer right now from just such an event that happened about 2-3 weeks ago or so. He came by the scene about 10-15 minutes after the deer had been hit and brought it home. Good thing too as he had no luck hunting this year and we do tend to depend a good bit on the venison to stock our freezer up a bit.

  9. Vic… I know you live in the Far North but this is just icky.

  10. Roadkill list… that’s kind of cool. I bet your husband was pretty excited. I know mine would be. I’ve had venison before, but never moose. We’ve taken trips in the U.P. Michigan hoping to see moose wandering around, but never have sighted one yet. I wouldn’t want to see it dead on the road.

  11. Wow..the only road kill around here is squirrels and cats and skunks….not eating any of that…..

    A Moose!

    Site looks great by the way..must fix your link on WCW

  12. 3 years is a long wait. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I wonder what Moose tastes like. I’ve had venison, warty hogs, and forest rats.

  13. It is not cool, you stupid people need to respect these animals lives and become vegetarians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DARE to reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Oh yeah, have you people ever heard of swerving to miss hitting the animal!?!?!?!?!?!

    ESPECIALLY you crunchy carpets, what kind of stupid name is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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