Stand firm and don’t be shaken

Every time we turn on the TV news there is always more devastation, sorrow, chaos, injury, war and famine. Some say that humankind is evolving to be better than our predecessors. I don’t believe that, I think humans are carrying on very much as they always have done. Of course this insanity isn’t everywhere but it tends to break out like acne on society’s face. Where and when least expected evil strikes and, if we are honest, we are relieved that it has happened out there to the other guy, not to us. Or should we be the ones impacted we are amazed that it has happened to us, but why should it not?

I know that if I dwell on all the horrors that could happen, I could become fearful but fear will stifle any plans I may have and dreams I wish to fulfill. Even the mundane acts of life are part of the future, changing diapers, wiping noses or just going to work each day in a job that for now is just paying the bills is part of the future. Nothing we do is in vain, even sitting here at the computer typing hopefully reaches out to someone, I don’t know its effect but I don’t think it is time wasted. Although as I get older, now nearly sixty-one, I wonder if I could be using my time more effectively rather than in the little tasks that I undertake each day, but life is really one little mundane task built on another with great opportunities interspersed at irregular intervals and generally spaced far apart, don’t you think? Consistency in the little things is what character is built upon.

How does the fear of war, disease and sorrow or lack, influence the plans you will make for the coming year? Will you be scared to try anything new, move to a new location or free your child grow up and face the world for themselves. Or are you determined to stand firm, whatever is thrown your way and not be shaken. I have a tendency to worry about things, but that is non-productive and has never changed a thing, so I must choose to put worry aside and meet each day with a challenge. What about you?

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  1. What a great post! I read a short little book called “The Invisible Woman”. It was about how Mom’s feel invisible pretty much of the time…I mean after all…how does the dirty laundry end up clean in the drawers? Anyway, throughout the book the author put pictures of cathedrals. “Some of the architects and bishops behind a few of these great buildings are known, and much credit is given to them for their work, but the vast majority of the labor, the masonry, the carpentry, the stained glass. was all done by people whose names history will never reveal…many of these cathedrals took over a hundred years to complete…the many builders devoted their whole lives to work they would never see finished….when ‘they(he)’ looked around all they(he) saw was rubble and dust and an endless amount of work to be done. and yet ‘they (he) kept working.” We will keep on working, for just as you say, none of it is in vain.

  2. Really good post Vic. I liked your reasoning how each thing builds on the other -regardless of how mundane -even the tiny, really boring or yucky things have relevance. And, Danielle, in her comments took it further. Just food for thought there when things pop up and one gets to feeling a trifle useless or unworthy, etc.
    Now, if I could bring myself to get organized and stop procrastinating about upteen different things, I could be on my merry way to that something great I may do yet, ya know.

  3. Good Question, In August of 2002 we packed our daughter,, off to France for an exchange year. It was her senior year. That of course was a time when the U.S. was not poplular in many places especially in France. I had many people ask us about being afraid for her or why we would allow her to go off like that.

    Our response then as always is that it is our job to prepare our children for the world they live it. We did not protect her from realities or the harshness of the world we simply tried to interpret it in a way she could understand.

    Also, we could not think of a better embassador for the U.S. than our kind , thoughtful, articulate daughter. We were not wrong.

    That same year we traveled to France and Italy and practiced our philosophy of travel … that if we made the effort to be courteous and interested in the people we met then we would be graciously received. We were never proven wrong.

    As , I interact with the people on these blogs I am always pleased to find that most are like minded and that what we do here is to increase understanding.

    Thanks for such a thoughtful article.


    Also, in that time when people

  4. oops ignore that last orphan line from comment above.

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