Watery Crisis

I went into the laundry room this morning and could hear this rushing water underneath me. We had a burst or broken pipe. So the day has been fraught with anxiety and pulling out pipes and trying to trace the problem. It was our hot water that was pouring away. We had the water off for most of the day and hubby and friend have been poking about trying to solve it. We pulled out the electric water heater and decided it should be replace anyway but that isn’t really the problem. So they will have to search some more tomorrow as it is too dark now. At least they got the cold water running again but I have a very tired and frustrated husband worrying about how to fix it tomorrow. Calling a plumber in is a last resort as they charge for travelling out here, as they have to, but it works out very expensive. I am sure they will fix it but it is that much harder in the snow and ice.

This has been a bad week for my husband, as lots of little things needed fixing and they were things that just could not be left. Living out here is a battle sometimes but he, especially, does not want to live in a city, or in an apartment and anyway we could not afford to do so. The cost of real estate or renting is prohibitive anywhere in Canada.

I canned the last of our turkey today and was going to make turkey soup from the carcass but decided to wait until I have my kitchen running smoothly again. I did not want to make too much mess in there. I don’t want a lot of dishes as I will have to wash them by hand, since I can’t use the dishwasher and that is a desperation measure. I guess I will use my electric wok as that is easy to clean and I can cook everything in one pot.

We had a pleasant quiet Christmas, some company on Christmas Day and one on Boxing Day who didn’t leave until 4 a.m. so we were both tired the next day but had to get up and go into town anyway. I think we are having company over New Year’s also, they have to call us, but if the water is not on I will put them off. Then I can get back to usual and get back into proper blogging mode, it is sometimes easier when someone else comes up with a topic rather than having to think up one for myself.

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3 Responses

  1. Oh Man, Vic! What a mess and a hassle! And, did you ever notice, generally water breaks and stuff like that happen (or so it seems) when it is cold and not nice outside. Good old Murphy and his law. Hope your husband and friend find the problem and are able to get it fixed fairly easily then.

  2. Sorry to hear about your water leak. I hope all is well soon. Thinking good thoughts for you & your husband.

  3. What a time to lose your hot water! Yuk!

    I have a big pot of turkey soup on right now … company should be arriving within the hour to devour it! I was still able to freeze some broth and turkey … for another soup down the line! I’m starting to be able to see into the fridge!

    Ta, ta …

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