5.7 Magnitude Earthquake, I felt the ripple

Yesterday afternoon just before 4pm I was at my computer desk and I felt a slight rocking motion very briefly but my husband had felt nothing so I forgot about it. Last night on the news it was confirmed that a magnitude 5.7 earthquake had happened 464.85 km or 288.80 miles from us, according to Google Earth.

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5.7 earthquake shakes BC off the S.W. coast of the Queen Charlottes

That is the second earthquake I have experienced, the first was a magnitude 6.2 in 1996 on Vancouver Island. The whole house shook and I dived under my computer desk but we had no damage. It is inevitable that the big one will come to British Columbia, but when know one knows but the Province is always on alert.

4 Responses

  1. My sister used to live in Vancouver and she was always worried about earthquakes. Have a great weekend!

  2. Living in the Philippines the first 25yrs of my life, I had experienced a lot of earthquakes greater than 5.7. It was really scary. The strongest we’ve felt was the Jul 16, 1990, magnitude 7.2. A lot of people died when building collapsed hundred miles north of where we live. I was 14 that time and I developed a phobia for months. I didn’t want to sleep alone.


  3. I was in the earthquake they had in Alaska in 1964..it was simply horrifying. For decades after Even the sound of a plane flying over sent me diving for cover.

  4. I wonder if it was felt here…I would have been driving at the time, so missed it. We were living in Richmond at the time of the Seattle quake…that was quite an experience!

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