Heads or Tails – Something in the water

Skittles started a meme every Tuesday called Heads or Tails, basically she provides a word and we can interpret it however we like. This week it is Something in the sky or in the water. I choose water.

I live beside a huge lake, the picture of which is in my header and in that lake there is believed to be a monster. Locals called it Babelina, although we don’t know its sex, or in fact what it is, but divers have seen a huge shadow overhead when they were doing some repairs to the bubble line.

A bubble line is a tube that allows bubbles to come to the service preventing ice to form directly above. In a lake that can freeze several feet deep it is necessary to keep one section open so that the ferry can take logging trucks back and forth in the winter.


Probably the shadow they saw was a land locked sturgeon. The oldest recorded sturgeon was 154 years old. The white sturgeon can grow 20ft long and weigh more that 1,500 pounds. It is possible some sturgeon many centuries ago made their way up river and due to a landslide or some other reason could not leave the lake, so stayed and bred.

Sturgeons are a very unique fish, there are about 27 species world-wide, that look like they belong to the age of dinosaurs than in today’s world. In fact they did co-exist with dinosaurs and have changed little since that time. They are harmless to humans, but nevertheless I don’t think I would like to get too close.

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16 Responses

  1. that is a very interesting looking creature!

    Have a great tuesday!

  2. What a freaky looking fish!

  3. That is one big fish!

    By the way, my blog is set up now so that you can sign in with your wordpress.com id when you leave comments, and it will link to your blog.

  4. My husband loves sturgeon fishing. I even did a post on it once with a picture of him holding a small sturgeon he caught. Here is the post if you want to see the picture.

  5. The river I live by has sturgeon in it. I’ve ate sturgeon before.

    Anyhow where are you from???

    My heads or tail is on fish also and it posted.

  6. Aren’t sturgeons eggs caviar? Good post though and that fish definitely looks like he belongs back with the dinosaurs and such.

  7. What a fish story! 😉

  8. You have written a totally fascinating post. This meme is getting better and better every week from so many participants. I love your description of life in the world further north than me. The photo is totally fascinating.

  9. They are such strange looking fish.

  10. You made me look twice! First at your header.. and what a beautiful place to live! The second time was at the fish, which I thought was an alligator!

    I love a good myth. 🙂

  11. Imagine a fish that can live longer than a human.


    I also looked at your header picture a second time… big lake! Beautiful lake.

  12. This is fascinating – thanks for sharing!

  13. Thanks for sharing such fascinating information! I love to learn new things. I can’t imagine I would like to swim with a 20 foot fish, harmless or not.

  14. AWESOME! This is truly amazing – I bet that some of the myths of giant creatures such as the Loch Ness may have resulted after seeing something such as this!

  15. If it’s a sturgeon you should start fishing for it…they taste GREAT!

    Really like the look of your new blog Vic.

  16. that’s amazing story. thanks for sharing. I want to see a sturgeon.

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