Canada Post acknowledges the season at least


While it is not politically correct to acknowledge the Christian holiday in our country, although amazingly is alright to acknowledge any other religion’s holiday without offence, I am pleased to see that Canada Post at least offers a Christmas stamp.

I am well aware that there are many other ethnic and religious groups that have celebrations at this time of year, but the word Christmas is disappearing from our culture and mostly I see “Season’s Greetings” on cards and store fronts etc.

Unfortunately Santa Claus or St. Nick is the focus of Christmas to so many and he was a Christian, I think he would be shocked to see the hobgoblin parody of himself wishing everyone “Season’s Greetings” rather than acknowledging the birth of Jesus, which was the reason he gave presents to needy children in the first place.

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  1. Are you Canadian? I’m from New Brunswick. Sometimes I really think I’m totally clueless.

  2. I so agree with you about the loss of the true Christmas. I am glad to say it is very traditional here still,in Romania. We clebrated the feast of St. Nicholas on the 7th, the children clean their own shoes and leave outside and if they have been good St, Nicholas leaves sweet things in them. The adults all give each other lovely stems of wheat leaves and ribbons, which I will include in my blog. Not done much blogging am knitting the nativity and will have to rush to get it finished. Best wishes Rose

  3. Hi Vic, I know what you mean although I also wonder what St. Nicholas would think about how Christmas has evolved in general. The way he gave presents to the poor children evolving to a huge retail mega business. I hate the see Christmas disappear but I guess I do it myself. I say merry Christmas to family and friends who I know celebrate it but when I’m no sure I guess I go more neutral. Actually when calling family we say, Christmas Gift since who ever says it first is supposed to get an extra gift. I guess that’s materialistic except no one actually gets an extra gift, it’s just a custom. I appreciated your comment and hope you do join one of the photo memes. I think they are great fun. Merry Christmas, Carver

  4. So, the postal stamp controversies have also hit Canada, huh? There’s always a lot of contention here over the “Christmas” stamps now too – everything has to be always this politically correct stuff which then often also makes a lot of things historically incorrect too doesn’t it? I mean the origins of the season -reason for the greetings to begin with – stems from a Christian holiday called Christmas, and if we try to change that name over to Holiday Happenings or some other variation, aren’t we not trying to re-write history then in a sense? Sometimes, I think we just take things and push them way out of bounds ya know.

  5. Wonderful to see a Nativity stamp, Vic

  6. Vic Grace,

    Yes, Canada Post acknowledges Christmas. I bought some neat stamps the other day with reindeer on them and they were so pretty.

    I’ve edited my link to you.


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