The Case for Christmas 2

Continuing on from my previous post on the Case for Christmas on December 2nd. There are six posts in all based on notes taken from the book “The Case for Christmas”.

In the Introduction of the book ‘The Case for Christmas‘, Lee Strobel describes himself as not the sort of person who’s driven by feelings. As a journalist, he was far more interested in facts, evidence, data, and concrete reality. Virgins don’t get pregnant, there is no God who became a baby, and Christmas is little more than an annual orgy of consumption driven by greed. He states that as a law-trained newspaperman, he dealt in facts and facts supported his atheism, not fantasy and fable and that the entire Christmas tale was built on a flimsy foundation of wishful thinking. Strobel’s job with the Chicago Tribune was to investigate claims to see if they were true, separate rumours from reality, and determine fact from fiction.

The first question Strobel asks “Who was in the manger on that first Christmas morning”? He invites us to join him in separating hard evidence from holiday tradition and sentiment. Which as I read the book I will attempt to share in the next few posts.

Personally I would rather have hard facts and am more often drawn to fact than fiction in my reading. I also like archaeology, history and do a certain amount of research. Probably that is why I picked up the book in the first place. One of the careers that was suggested to me, when I graduated from school, was journalism, but I never followed through on the suggestion. Now I think I would have to take up English Grammar again as I have forgotten some of the cardinal rules of good writing.

The temperature is -15C today and the wind is blowing, dropping it to a flesh freezing -34C. Certainly a day to stay inside and play on my computer and read but I will try and motivate myself to do some exercise.

One of my new blogging friends suggested I check out Flock a Web2 browser, so I am going to be playing with that. I have some soft music playing in the background, our wood stove is pumping out a lot of heat. The chores are all done, except making the bed, and hubby is out working with his friend on a woman’s house in the village, and he will be gone all day. He has to be doing something and he really enjoys his friend’s company so this is like a paid hobby for him.

So I have the whole day to myself, which I enjoy, even though I love my husband’s company as well.

The Case for Christmas 1

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